Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Follows Iranian Sex Literature Account

What interest would the prime minister of Israel, a man frequently critical of Iran, have in the Twitter account of an Iranian sex literature library?

Sometime over the weekend, Benjamin Netanyahu's Twitter feed began following the account "Persian Hot Book," which describes itself as “the first library of hot sex books [in the] Persian language." The move was undone hours later, but hardly went unnoticed. Screen grabs fueled a torrent of mockery, much of it seemingly coming from Iranians.

Netanyahu's office claims it has nothing to do with the account. The prime minister's coalition group, Likud, said it runs the page instead of the prime minister, and cited a technical 'malfunction' that caused the follow, according to Israel radio reporter Chico Menashe.

The Twitter snafu came just a week after Netanyahu told BBC Persian "if the Iranian people had their way, they'd be wearing blue jeans, they'd have Western music, they'd have free elections" -- a comment that drew widespread scorn from Iranians who wear blue jeans and listen to Western music.



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