Israelis and Palestinians: Two-State Solution Delusion

I do not support a two-state plan to bring peace to Israelis and Palestinians. I realize this is not a popular opinion, particularly in the Obama administration. My reasoning is fairly simple. If you have two people who don't get along, why move them closer together? Why not give them space?

Israel has been surrounded by hostile neighbors for most of its existence. She doesn't need another neighbor. She needs peace and assured security with the nations already surrounding her.

I don't think the Obama administration's current efforts to pressure Israel into accepting a risky proposal is in anybody's best interests. Certainly it is not in Israel's. Nor is it in ours, with our primary ally in the Middle East being the sole democratic, technologically advanced nation in the region.

It's important to have compassion for the Palestinian people. And that compassion needs to come from all sides. Israel has made its share of mistakes and committed human rights violations against Palestinians. That can not be denied, nor should it be whitewashed.

But these principles apply to the Arab world too. They also must show compassion toward the Palestinians. I suspect that many anti-Semites who want to drive Israel into the sea use the Palestinian refugees to further an agenda to destroy Israel.

I suspect so because there have been decades during which Palestinians could have been absorbed, into Jordan or Egypt, for example, rather than being left to languish in refugee camps filling the West Bank. Treating the Palestinians as objects rather than as people deserving of homes is a narrow vision of what will bring peace to the Middle East. From my understanding, it is also disrespectful toward the beautiful Muslim teachings about love of humanity and nature.

Instead, treating Palestinians with decency, deserving of the same human rights as the rest of us, should be the issue at the front of the line. For neighboring Arab countries to absorb the Palestinian population is the most humane and life-saving solution. Palestinian children could be educated, jobs could be worked, families could enjoy their lives together. Israel could absorb too with just immigration policies.

Israel did not solely create the Palestinian refugee crisis. The Arab world has its hands dirty too. We have already witnessed in recent years, and even still today, what turmoil the Arab world is in. Syria, Iran, Iraq and others are already at the edge of unstable cliffs. To blame Israel for their problems, and more naively, to claim Israel's destruction is the answer to their problems, has lost its bite. It is a position that no longer has any credibility.

The same understanding to not suspend reality applies to the Palestinian people also. A separate Palestinian state made from the West Bank will not bring peace. However, a demilitarization of the West Bank achieved primarily by Arab nations taking in the Palestinians, or, if desired, by carving out a separate state from within the other border containing the Palestinians, Jordan, could bring peace.

Who knows what the future will hold? Perhaps Israelis and Palestinians can live side by side in peace. But why wait? Today, in real time, the Palestinian people could have homes if only their cousins would offer them. As has been the case for decades, one of the obstacles to this solution is that Arab conciliation toward Israel is seen as a betrayal of Arab sovereignty. Ironically, it is peace with Israel that will foster the Arab world to better bring forward its proud heritage.