Issa Rae: Black Womens' Bodies, Sexuality Shouldn't Be Policed

Thank you, Issa.

Issa Rae’s latest works ― a book and and upcoming HBO series ― have been brimming with black girl magic. The author, director, actress and producer spoke with The Huffington Post on Monday about incorporating dialogue around women who do what they want with their sex lives in HBO’s “Insecure.”

“I think there’s a constant stigma when women try to explore their sexual freedom in the way that men do,” Rae told HuffPost Black Voices senior editor Lilly Workneh (watch in the clip above). “And just in candid conversations with my friends, we keep it all the way real with each other in terms of like our sexual desires and our sex lives and our lack of them.”

Black womens’ bodies have long been subject to great scrutiny, which is why addressing the stigma that Rae speaks of is crucial.

“I definitely want to depict that in a raw and authentic way and show us being uninhibited and unafraid of judgment,” Rae said. “Because you kind of are when you’re having a real conversation with friends. And to display that in this type of medium: to be free of judgment, to be free of policing our sex lives, is something that was important to me.”

Watch the full video below:

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