Issues to Contemplate

Issues to Contemplate
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Although a bit controversial, I have asked the heavenly realm about important issues that seem to divide us and separate us from each other. These are the answers I received about abortion, reincarnation, and suicide, and I acknowledge that they are based on my questions and thought processes. I do not claim to have all the answers. The results were satisfying to me, and therefore I share them to help you form your own opinions on these subjects.


Beyond religion there are very few issues that are more divisive than abortion for human beings. This is a sensitive topic, with many people on both sides of the debate. Sometimes this discussion cannot be separated from religion or it becomes the basis for definition or separation. So I asked Spirit about it and learned the following information that may be helpful in bringing people together on the issue.

Life is in existence in spiritual form before a baby is conceived, and life as spirit exists again after the physical body wears out. Spirit forms matter, not the other way around.

At conception, the soul with great anticipation sees an opportunity to be born into the physical universe. During pregnancy, this soul more and more begins attaching itself to the unborn fetus until birth, when both the soul (spiritual self) and the baby are born as one.

Therefore, if a pregnancy is terminated prematurely, it may be considered by some to be an ethical offense and disappointing, but it is not murder in the strict sense. The soul and the essence of what gives life to the physical child is not, and can never be, killed. In the case of abortion, for example, the soul simply waits for its next opportunity to incarnate. However, terminating a pregnancy before birth impedes the cycle of life that is in motion, and there can be physical and psychological implications experienced by the mother from making this decision. Thus, great care and sensitivity must be used when interfering with the laws of nature.

Spirit knows what motives and intentions are behind such decisions and is not looking to persecute (or prosecute) those who make such choices. We need to look more closely at this subject and bring resolution so we can unite and be at peace with this issue.

It can be a practical decision and should certainly not be relegated to the back alleys, as it was in the terrible times before it became legal. At one time there was so much shame around sexuality and contraception that many lives were ruined; there was little awareness or open discussion. People made choices and, depending on their beliefs, they suffered with them.

From what I understand, the experience of abortion stays in cellular memory. As just mentioned, God knows the circumstances and reasons for the choice, but the woman sometimes cannot forgive herself even if she totally believes she made the right decision. There is some small soul connection between mother and the fetus, particularly when it is further along. The important thing to do in the case of abortion is to create a process for honoring the loss and the change in the path of the soul of the unborn baby. There can still be a spiritual attachment between the mother and the unborn baby even when there is no longer a physical one.


From what I have been told by my spirit communication, reincarnation happens. However, not all souls after this life will reincarnate, as this depends on how much evolution is under their belt—they may have completed what they needed to learn in physical form. And there is the issue of whether the soul in this lifetime had the opportunity to complete the tasks and challenges that it may have set up for itself before incarnating. This is of primary importance.

At physical death, the soul will rest between physical lifetimes to the equivalent of two hundred years of our time. However, there are accidents that take place, as when someone dies prematurely or as a young person on the battlefield, that result in the time between lives being much shorter. No doubt these are complex issues and understood better from the spiritual side of the equation.

There is little physical proof surrounding this topic to please the skeptics. Reincarnation is intangible, to say the least. However, there are documented case studies, such as those from Dr. Brian Weiss and many books written on the subject from reputable authors like Edgar Cayce and philosopher, psychologist, and physician Dr. Raymond Moody, who is best known for his best-selling book Life After Life.


When you begin to fully comprehend how the system works—that we as energy beings are born into a physical vessel to experience the gift of physical life—you understand that suicide is pointless. The reality is that one will still come face to face with oneself and others on the other side—there is no escape. People end up punishing themselves by cutting their life short, inhibiting their ability for progression and many of their soul’s reasons for being here. Furthermore, they will likely have to face those same problems in the spiritual realm or return back to a physical life once more. In addition, committing suicide hurts those around them, leaving others in emotional pain with usually more questions than answers.

Capital Punishment

Similar to suicide, capital punishment is not a useful answer to resolving the challenges of an individual’s life path—the practice of “an eye for an eye” does not address the personal evolution of the person. Each state dictates this level of penalty as it receives a court verdict and enforces the law. It is a human law rather than a spiritual one that says this individual is a threat to society and cannot be rehabilitated. While obviously there is a financial cost to incarcerating a criminal for life, it is here, looking at oneself inside a jail cell, that some measure of reflection may take place. Otherwise, the execution of a convicted criminal essentially sets the soul free with a limited human experience. It is the earthly existence where great lessons of emotional pain and suffering are encountered, and taking another’s life through capital punishment deprives the natural law of cause and effect to flow to the offender. Through execution we end up making a God-like decision and then hope the Creator finds a way to rehabilitate the executed in the afterlife.

These are not easy issues to confront and decide upon. Hopefully, with enlightened choices, unity and peace may be possible among us all.

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