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It Doesn't Get Much Cuter Than This Baby's Donut Smash Photos

Happy National Donut Day!

We all know parents love a good baby cake smash, but the donut smash might be even cuter.

In honor of National Donut Day, photographer Sarah Gibson of Indigo Bird Photography took pictures of an adorable baby named Atlas smashing a donut dessert spread. And clearly, he loved it.

Atlas’ mom reached out to Gibson about doing a themed photo shoot for his first birthday, the photographer suggested a donut smash, and the rest was history.

The photographer said the baby was “intrigued” when he saw the dozen colorful donuts and “just went to town once he tasted the icing!”

“He liked the chocolate frosting the best! He tried all of the flavors, but kept going back to the chocolate one. That’s a baby after my own heart!” she added.

Atlas’ big brother, Malachi, helped out by singing and dancing to get his baby to look at the camera instead of the donuts the whole time.

Though this was Gibson’s first donut shoot, she said it definitely won’t be her last. “I love the added element of humor the donuts bring to the session. I mean, who doesn’t love donuts? And Atlas started throwing the donuts once he was full of sugar, which is something that hasn’t happened at a regular cake smash.”

Added the photographer, “Now I’m looking for a baby who wants to do a taco smash!​”