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It Has Happened. Tofu McNuggets Exist.

Tofu McNuggets are here, WHAT'S NEXT?!

McDonald's just might have become a tofu lover's fast food delight.

Attributed to the fallout from a Chinese food supplier (though some are claiming the move was planned well in advance) sending rotten meat to restaurant chains, McDonald's in Japan decided to play it safe and chicken-free by turning to tofu.

Tomorrow, they'll premiere their first completely tofu nugget, called Tofu Shinjo Nuggets, and we don't know what to think. Some are saying it's a sign of the end times, and to be honest -- it just might be.

tofu mcnuggets

The Tofu Shinjo Nugget creation is a crazy-looking combination of tofu, vegetables and a deep-fryer. Specifically, a McDonald's spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal that the ingredients are something like, "vegetable-studded patties concocted from a mix of soybeans, onions, carrots, and shinjo, a sort of starch–fish paste concoction." So a note to vegetarians: they are NOT vegetarian. We're going to need a LOT of fries with that.

But if you're interested in trying out the nuggets, they'll only be available from this Wednesday until September. For just $2.44, you can purchase four nuggets and try out these little dippers (with ginger-flavored dipping sauce) for yourself. That is, if you're in Japan. (If you're in the US, try these look-alike Trader Joe's Tofu Edamame Nuggets).


According to the Wall Street Journal, the same spokesperson for McDonald's explained the interesting sauce choice by saying, "“Because it isn’t meat, it tastes a bit different. It’s a bit softer,” the spokeswoman said. “Calorie-wise, it is a bit lower than chicken as well.”

The only thing we have left to say is if this is a success, what's next? A tofu Quarter Pounder? Sound off in the comments below!

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