It Is Time For Tiger To Speak

I have already expressed my belief that Tiger Woods' personal tragedy is unnecessarily being amplified in the public airwaves. If he had a magic wand, a simple wave and Tiger could focus on rebuilding his family and we could move on. Unfortunately, clicking his heels three times is not going to make the intense media scrutiny go away.

Ann Walker Marchant and Vickee Jordan Adams, seasoned public relations advisors to Presidents, First Friends, and corporate leaders, once told me, "The media is like a beast. One way or the other, it will be fed." The Tiger Woods story is like a vacuum. Unless Tiger provides something to fill it, we will continue to be sucked in with salacious details offered by women far too willing to profit from their role in Tiger's fall from grace.

Tiger no doubt has seasoned advisors of his own. I am certain that they have a plan. Unfortunately, at this point, it does not appear to be working. It is time for Tiger to speak. The healing cannot begin until Tiger stops the bleeding.

A statement similar to the following, delivered personally and with sincerity may be a good start.


Over the past week, my world has crumbled around me. Only I am to blame.

As you know, I allowed the allure of my celebrity to overwhelm my responsibilities as a husband, father, and as a son. I have caused great and undeserved pain to my wife, Elin, my mother, Elin's parents, and even to the memory of my father, whose guidance and values were so essential to my development. I have apologized privately to my family. I hope God grants me enough time to re-earn their trust and I pray that my children are too young to appreciate fully the pain I have caused their mother.

While the destruction I created was taking place, you were understandably curious. I hope you will understand that admitting my failings privately was difficult enough and that I am trying to save the most important thing to me - my family. Consequently, I did not address you as soon as I should have. While I do not necessarily agree that I have waived my right to address private matters privately, I recognize that I have given up any right to complain because none of this would have been an issue if I had conducted myself with greater honor and character. My family deserved better -- and so did you.

I have proven in the most profound and painful way that I am not perfect. I am sorry. Please forgive me. As I mature and work to regain the trust of my family and you, please be patient: God is not finished with me yet.

Mr. Woods, "it's your honors."