Let's Spread More Love and Less Fear in Our World

Let's Spread More Love and Less Fear in Our World
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What if each of us stood up and became accountable for our part in spreading more love in the world? What might change if we tapped into our heart's intelligence to lead our steps forward?

We are living in interesting times. In the world at this very moment, our human population is massive. Whether everyone chooses to see it or not, we all share the same qualities that make us human. We are interconnected to each other and our dynamic environment. As long as we are here, we can choose to positively impact one another.

On the one hand, we are a civilized bunch. We have access to thousands of years' worth of scientific knowledge and deep spiritual understandings. The abundance of information at our fingertips has helped us make mind blowing advances in the way we communicate, connect and explore our world. To survive as a species, we understand the importance of coming together as one collective.

On the other hand, we are also incredibly primitive. Many of us are still following the belief that life happens to us. That our perspective on life and the way we show up isn't within our control. At times, we may feel we have been wronged and therefore justified in spreading dislike and disgust towards others. We can quickly forget we choose how we interact with life, and our choices create ripple effects out into the world.

Every person alive at the moment has an important contribution to add to our world. Each of us can exercise our moment to moment, day to day choice to spread more love and less fear.

It is time more of us woke up to the understanding that every loving thought and expression we give out makes a difference. Every time we choose to see the bright side of a situation, we help our world. Every time we choose not to give life to thoughts and stories that belittle others, we help our world. What we choose to think about and give life to makes a difference in our world, it will be felt.

I am making the choice to send out this message in the hopes it may resonate and cause a spark within even just a few people. Perhaps it may help others make more choices towards love and less choices founded on fear. I understand in the end, my best contribution is to exercise these choices and practices in my own life.

I have listed a few reminders to help me remember the importance of spreading more love out into the world. If these practices resonate, give them a try and see if you notice a change inside of yourself. You may be surprised by the freedom and love that will expand in your heart.

1) Focus on Inner Peace

Inner peace comes from being at peace inside of ourselves. Utilize the power of your heart's voice and intelligence to instruct your mind. See what shifts when you allow your heart to create a love story in your mind.

We all have stories endlessly playing out in our minds. Stories about what we feel is true and not true. Stories about other people, and what we believe their intentions are. At the end of the day, how we experience people and life around us, is a result of the stories and choices we play out in our inner world. When we allow our hearts to have a say in the stories running through our minds, we make room to notice people and situations through a more loving lens. When we focus on creating a peaceful environment within us, we will start to notice a similar reflection in the world around us.

2) Send Love to the People Around You

We are all master multi-taskers. We can carry on in-depth conversations with others, while simultaneously thinking about other things. We can also fall into the habit of judging others while we are in conversation with them.

When you notice yourself judging someone else (or yourself), see what changes when you set the intention to replace your judgment with a gift of love. This gift might be a silent wish of peace and love for the other person. It could be focusing in on what you admire and love about the other person. You can offer this gift to them while you are in conversation, or even when you are thinking about them.

You never know when giving someone else a gift of love will be the very thing that gives them a renewed sense of love and faith in life. At the very least, while we are expressing loving thoughts, we also receive the benefits of being in this state.

3) Share Stories of Hope

For every story or conversation you hear that is steeped in fear, make it your mission to share a story of hope that is founded on love. Even if you just think about stories that make you feel hopeful, you will send out a different vibration to the world. One that will help tip the scales toward more love and less fear.

We can only ever be accountable for ourselves, for the thoughts we give life to and the contributions we make in the world. Please remind yourself often that what you think about and offer out into the world makes a difference - choose love as much as possible.

The world thanks you.

Emily Madill is the author of 11 books in the area of self-development and empowerment, both for children and adults. Her newest title 'Fall in Love with Your Life, One Week at a Time' is now being offered as an E-Course.


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