It Only Takes 285 Americans To Impeach Donald Trump: 242 Democrats And Just 43 Republicans Can End The Trump Era

It Only Takes 285 Americans To Impeach Donald Trump
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Let’s do a little math.

The Constitution says that Congress may remove a sitting president with a majority, 218 members, of The House of Representatives to impeach and then two thirds, 67 members, of the United States Senate to convict.

If all 194 Democrats agree that America has had enough of Donald Trump and 24 brave Republicans agree, Mr. Trump will (like Bill Clinton) be impeached and the issue will be sent to the Senate for trial.

There, if all 48 Democrats agree that ― either because of a violation of the emoluments clause or for any other reason ― Donald Trump has committed any “high crime or misdemeanor,” and just 19 of the 52 sitting Republican senators join them, Mr. Trump is no longer the president of The United States.

So, the future of the Trump era likely depends on 36.5 percent of the Republicans in the Senate and just 9.9 percent in the House.

43 Americans, out of a country of 320,000,000.

Are there 43 brave Republican patriots?

The 241 Republicans in the House and 9 of the 52 in the Senate up for re-election in 2018 may be concerned about being “primaried” because of Mr. Trump’s amazing 79 percent support amongst Republicans. But there is another number that absolutely would cause these and other Republicans to be even more concerned... The 65 percent of Americans who do NOT approve of Mr. Trump.

And here is where the math becomes really, really simple and very empowering.

Instead of just complaining or posting on Facebook or Twitter, if every American who wants Trump gone 1) registered to vote FOR the impeachment of Donald Trump and then 2) communicated to their Republican congressperson and Republican senators that they would, absolutely, be coming out to vote based on how they voted on the one issue of impeaching Donald Trump ... Mr. Trump could be gone by Rosh Hashanah!

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