It Takes A Good Woman To Know One

It Takes A Good Woman To Know One
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I have had the privilege of knowing countless women throughout my life. Not just in passing while superficially connecting through a fleeting event or circumstance, but experiencing who they are through deep conversations that revel in truth and trust. I am constantly amazed with the blessings from each relationship that has developed along my journey, as every single woman has had a lasting impact on my life, my heart and my perspective. I marvel at their strength and tenacity, their insight and their wisdom, their gifts and uniqueness.

All women are a celebration of inspiration.

There is a profound unity that encapsulates who we are, as women. We can be defined in ways that may separate us -- as we all have various roles within our lives, and we all come from various backgrounds and cultures that direct our different paths. Our diversity can stretch far and wide and beyond and beneath our commonality.

And yet? Our true identity of being a woman is the core with which we have common ground. There are traits all women possess that bind us all together in a sisterhood that we can rejoice and honor within each other. Lets embrace it together, shall we?


1. We are strong survivors.
I have yet to meet a woman who hasn't endured one or more hardships in her life. And I continue to be astounded by witnessing women rise through the wreckage. Women have the ability to ignite a fierce courage from within to survive, despite the broken and bruised debris and carnage scattered all around.

2. We are unique.
Every woman has gifts they are graced with that create a colorful masterpiece of who they are. Each woman shines with a different light. Every woman creates her significance with her extraordinary perspective, talents, skills and beliefs.

3. We are passionate people.
Women have a vast and voracious mysterious swirl of emotion that burns for something, someone, some cause or some mission. This fire inspires and propels us forward with a fierceness that is unbridled and birthed from this place.

4. We each have a story.
This profound truth is what can ignite a fire of compassion and respect among one another. Every woman has her own life experience, and from it she can share with hopes to heal and offer sustenance to others who perhaps have similar stories. We must claim it and honor it as we become empowered through our voice.

5. We have each other.
When we embrace our differences and honor our separate paths, there is this intersection that binds us together and recognizes that we are a powerful union. There is nothing more potent than women who nurture and nourish each other. There is comfort in solidarity.

6. We are dreamers.
With our passion, our stories, our gifts and our strength... we paint the landscape of our future with an unrestrained fervor. We know how to dream big. And we will commit to our vision and pursue it with an unfaltering zeal.

7. We are compassionate creatures.
Where there are wounded and weak, we respond. We reach. It's our innate impulse to help those in need, to save those who are lost and to embrace those who hurt. Our hearts swell for the broken.

8. We have integrity.
Every single woman has some form of authentic self-respect. Within the framework of who we are, there lies a spirit of veracity and nobility for good. And when battles erupt that threaten our safety, our passion or our dignity... the warrior in us will rise to the call to fight for our truth.

9. We are relational beings.
Women thrive on camaraderie and connecting with others. We find fulfillment in nourishing exchanges that validate our emotions and our worth. We seek such attachments because they fill us with encouragement, inspiration and belonging.

10. We are beautiful.
Every woman has a mark of beauty, a trace of elegance and a light that illuminates our very existence. We are captivating, exalting, rich with treasures adorned with a radiance all our own.

Let us remember these things, for we are crafted alike and we should relish each other with the admiration we so deserve. One light is bright, but our collective colors together is simply stunning...

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