It Takes A Long Time To Grow Young

It Takes A Long Time To Grow Young
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“It takes a long time to grow young.” - Pablo Picasso. The first time I heard this quote, I was deeply inspired. I was in awe with Pablo Picasso’s perception of aging. We live in a society, where aging is seen as a negative thing. There are many people, who lose connection with their true selves as each year goes by.

But my understanding of getting older is different. I perceive each year that passes as a gift. As each new year comes and goes, my connection to source energy gets stronger, which enables me to be my authentic self. As we get older, there is this sense of freedom that comes along with it. We no longer have to pretend to be someone we are not. We no longer need to wear a mask. With age comes liberation!

Here are 6 tips to help you grow younger as each year passes:

  1. Follow Your Passion. Go back to your childhood- what did you love to do? What have have you always wanted to try? What brings you joy? Incorporate it into your life even if just as a hobby. Try it, even if its just for 30 mins. You will feel an immediate shift in your life.
  2. Try Something New. As adults its easy for us to get stuck in a routine. We do the same thing everyday. Its time to shake things up. Do something you have never done. Start off simple. Take a different route on your way home. Go out with a friend to a new place. Take some time for yourself. Try a new food. Listen to a different genre of music. Step outside of your comfort zone, you will be surprised, you just might like it!
  3. Ask Questions. When we are children we would always ask questions. But somewhere along the way, we were conditioned to stop asking questions. This is when we lose our child-like sense of wonder. Begin to question everything. Question yourself, your life, and question why things are the way they are. This exercise helps you to connect to your inner child.
  4. Be Silly. Many adults take life way too seriously. They have forgotten how to laugh and how to let go. Its time to loosen up. Start connecting to that inner child that is crying to come out. Put on your favorite jams and dance. Go for a walk, then skip, hop and jump up. If you have small children, play with them. If you have grand kids, go out and play with them. Go ahead- let go of that stiff persona and become who you truly are!
  5. Expand Your Social Circle. In this age of technology, we are able to connect to beings all around the world. Human connection is what helps us thrive and live a full life. Reach out and talk with someone new. While on Social Media, if you gravitate towards someones post, then comment, and connect with them. I have met so many like minded beings through social media. Meeting new people is a beautiful and magical thing.
  6. Create an LOA To Do List. This is what I call the Law of Attraction To Do List. This helps us achieve the things that we feel are out of your control for whatever reason. On one side of a paper, write “Me” and in this section write down the things that you know you can and need to achieve. On the other half of the paper, label it as “The Universe”. On this side of the page, list all the things that you want to create or connect with, but have no idea how to go about it. You are leaving these items to the universe. I have done this for many years and things have manifested for me, time and time again.

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