It Takes A Village!

Always be proactive, not reactive, when it comes to your personal style. Maintain a bank of resources you can rely on in case of emergencies or for when you may need something handled in a pinch.
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Post 50 is a great time to focus your energy on wellness and keeping your look fresh. Recently, a client handed me a magazine with Michelle Pfeiffer, 54, on the cover and asked me, "How does she do it!" My first thought was, "It must take a village!"

When we look at images of celebrities, it's important to realize that it does take a team of experts and professionals to look that way (not to mention all the Photoshop and re-touching that also goes along with this). To truly look and feel amazing, you must constantly be seeking balance in mind, body, and soul. Always keep in mind we are forever a work in progress; there is no secret potion or quick fix.

I'm a fashion stylist not a medical doctor, dentist, dermatologist, plastic surgeon, shrink, trainer, or member of the clergy, so I'm going to focus on style. I just want to make it clear that as you assemble your own list of professionals and experts that keeps you together, fashion should fall somewhere in the middle.

Some of you may think, "this does not apply to me," or "I would never need a village," or "I cant afford a village" -- but give it a chance. Having this support network not only keeps you organized and stress-free but you will find that by using your 'village' -- you will look and feel amazing. This is not a matter of money, status or fame, this is about you giving yourself permission to look and feel your best. We owe it to ourselves to have our own village!

Creating Your Resource Bank: Always be proactive, not reactive, when it comes to your personal style. Maintain a bank of resources you can rely on in case of emergencies or for when you may need something handled in a pinch. Your "Resource Bank" should include: a shoe repair; a dry cleaner for regular cleaning; a specialty dry cleaner whose expertise is difficult repairs and hard-to-remove stains; a good tailor (the right fit can make or break an outfit, and realistically, most clothing will need some alteration, even if minor, to fit properly); and a personal shopper or the salespeople at different stores with whom you have established a relationship as a good customer (if you are loyal to them, they will go the extra mile for you).

Investigating and finding these resources does not cost a thing, but will prove quite useful when you need any one of them. It may even save you from emergency or reactive purchases. Keep your resources bank, including addresses, phone numbers, and any other useful information, on file in your computer or phone for quick access. And USE them! It is much more economical to have something you love repaired, renewed or tailored to fit like a glove instead of replacing it.

Your Wardrobe Survival Kit: You will also want to have the following items on hand in your 'wardrobe survival kit' at home. Our Visual Therapy stylists use clear plastic hanging organizers from the Container Store. The following items are the useful contents and can be found at any drug store or discount department store. (Story continues below slideshow.)

Clothes Brush

Wardrobe Survival Kit

The list can go on and on, double stick tape, super glue, shoe pads, safety pins, the stylists on our team never cease to amaze me!

Another way to keep your look fresh is to look through fashion magazines and pull out anything that speaks to you. Create your own style file; the idea is to translate the current trends into looks that are appropriate for you -- a process that will help you stay current and up-to-date. You can also post your favorites seasonally on a bulletin board to create a collage of looks. Now you can even create an inspiration board on your Iphone, Ipad and computer by using Pinterest.

By looking at and reviewing these images, you can make a shopping list of what is missing in your spring/summer wardrobe. It's always best to be super focused when going shopping. Maybe all you need are a few pops of color, something with a floral print, and a peep-toe wedge?

Now you have your own personal village, and you have the tools and inspiration to keep everything fresh and in order. The more organized you are, the less time you will spend thinking about your wardrobe. And that leaves more time for focusing on the more important things in life! Don't look at maintaining yourself and your style as a chore, instead wake up every morning prepared and excited to face the world as the STAR version of yourself! Check out our blog for more inspiration:

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