It Takes All Kinds

We're all talking. Kids are talking, adults are talking and, hallelujah, the conversation is ON about diversity, especially when it comes to children. Recently, there have been a slew of viral videos of trans children and supportive parents. The Girl Scouts have opened their doors to transgender girls. The Boy Scouts see the writing on the wall and know that the tide has changed and it is inevitable that they will open their doors to the gay scouts they slammed the door on just a few years ago. As Bob Dylan said, "The times, they are a changin.'"

The soundtrack for diverse kids in the 1970's was Marlo Thomas & Friends' "Free to Be...You and Me". Forty years later there is a new, contemporary soundtrack emerging. It enhances the conversations we are having about real people, including those who do not fit what many people consider to be the norm.

A powerful contributor to that soundtrack is Alistair Moock, GRAMMY® nominated musician who has a foot in the indie kids music world and the other foot in the Americana music world. These are not mutually exclusive and Moock uses masterful songwriting skills to talk about "All Kinds of You and Me", the title of his new CD.

As a children's music GRAMMY® award winner with 2 recordings that celebrate diversity, I am honored and pleased to debut the video of the opening track here to this new CD. Watch it share it, sing along with it, talk about it, then order the whole album! Key Wilde's sparse, colorful and light-hearted animation turns the song, "IT TAKES ALL KINDS" into a visual collage of just how normal being different really is.

You can order the whole CD on Moock's itunes page.

It is another soundtrack that could last us 40 years.

Something to talk about, and sing with, which makes it easier to talk about it!

p.s. As we discuss diversity, check out the earlier blog here on the song "Everything Possible" and how the times changed between 1992 and 2014.