It Took Thieves 30 Seconds To Crash Truck Into Store, Grab Guns And Leave

Police responded within a minute and still missed them.

It happened in a flash.

A group of thieves drove a blue Toyota Tacoma truck into the Sunshine State Armory in Florida, according to the Zephyrhills Police Department. The suspects were in and out of the gun store within 30 seconds, indicating that this was a planned event. 

“We were there in a minute,” Captain Derek Brewer, public information officer for ZPD told The Huffington Post.

The damage the truck did crashing through the store delayed some of the necessary information for the investigation. Even though the theft occurred on Sunday, the department had to wait until Monday to release a statement.

“It took us a while to get to the actual video because there was so much extensive damage to the building,” Brewer told The Huffington Post. 

The actual number of guns and ammunition taken are still unknown.

During a routine patrol of the area about an hour after the theft, a ZPD officer saw the truck on fire in a wooded area less than two miles from the crime scene. The Toyota used was a stolen vehicle from a nearby county, according to Brewer.

Brewer says that no one can be sure of what the stolen guns will be used for, but the investigation team currently has working leads to find the suspects.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is offering a $2,500 dollar reward in an effort for more information.