It Was Never About Free Speech

Milo Yiannapoulos was glorified by the Right. Breitbart, his home, tried to present him as the greatest gift to conservatism in this era—which is odd considering their Trump fetish.

When Yiannapoulos used his incendiary smears against gays, blacks, Jews and others, these “new conservatives” defended him.

Those offended were called snowflakes. They were ridiculed for apparently not understanding Yiannapoulos’ humor, they were told his grandstanding was a form of trolling the Left, which was entertaining and wonderful.

So, it went as this political exhibitionist pulled his intellectual junk out in public and fondled it for the express purpose of shocking people.

All this, the critics of Yiannapoulos were told, makes the bleached poser a great champion of free speech, while his opponents were would-be censors about to impose another Holy Inquisition—which at least in this case conservatives aren’t downplaying and justifying as they often do.

A conservative publishing imprint offered to make Yiannapoulos a wealthy man with $250,000 upfront for whatever trash he had in mind. The big festival of conservative cretins, CPAC, lined Yiannapoulos up as their key speaker.

And then he said something offensive to conservatives.

Suddenly conservatives turned into snowflakes. Yiannapoulos was no longer considered funny, with his rhetoric exalted as some form of performance art. He was no longer a wonderful entertainer.

The moment this obnoxious conman said something offensive to conservatives they turned around and did a complete 180 on him.

In other words, what this indicates is that Yiannapoulos was never about free speech for conservatives. It was about intentionally being offensive, crude, rude and uncivilized in the name of politics. They didn’t love him because he was funny, but because he was offensive. Their goal wasn’t entertainment or the First Amendment. It was simply a form of baiting people. It’s like someone saying terribly impolite things to someone about their mother and getting worse and worse until they react—just so the offender can pretend to be the victim.

No, for conservatives it was never about free speech. None of their public justifications of Yiannapoulos were sincere beliefs on their parts. They were justifications only. We know this because the moment he offended them it all changed instantly. The book contract is cancelled. CPAC has removed him from the roster at their annual meeting of American Neanderthals. With Breitbart staff threatening to resign, and the plug about to be pulled, he resigned.

Now, he’s just another unemployed immigrant. Maybe someone should tell Trump.

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