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Selfishly-Happy Motherhood

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As a young mother to two amazing children, it wasn't always easy nor is it any easier now after almost 11 years of being a mother. Boy do I have some news for you, IT NEVER GETS EASIER. Nope it does not, but here is the good part, I have some GOLDEN MUST DO's for mothers out there who are juggling their homes, kids, and a professional life which will help to run everything smoothly. Now as an entrepreneur and a single mother who has the sole responsibility of both children, I more than anyone can understand the frustration which underlays the need to balance everything out. Where do you find balance? Okay here it is, you must first find balance within yourself. What I mean by that is, once your inner self is at peace singing hakuna matata, so will your presence among your children and everyone else. Here are some tips you MUST incorporate into your daily routine to find that balance you need before you turn into something your child will see as "one angry mama bear"!

1. Meditate!!!!!! Don't read this and say, well I don't have time. Boo hoo, MAKE TIME! Meditation is not something you imagine it be..sitting under a tree for hour and hour chanting "Om". NO. While it can be just that, that's probably not feasible for you. What you can do though is pick your favorite piece of music which is soothing to the soul and sit there with your eyes shut listening to the music while focusing on your breathing. Sit there for as long as you can without worrying or thinking about anything but the rhythm of your breathing. You can start with 2 minutes and work your way up if you'd like.

2. GET ENOUGH SLEEP!! I can't stress more on this one! In order to be happy and balanced mentally and emotionally, you must get at least 7-9 hours of sound sleep per night. It's also refreshing to take a 10 minute power nap during the day. You will feel better than ever to tackle on the day with a positive and cheerful attitude, TRUST ME.

3. Eat HEALTHY!! You only teach your children through your own actions. If they see you eating fruits, veggies, nuts, and all the yummy healthy stuff, they'll be more likely to try it and even crave for all the goodness of healthy things. If that's not enough for you to eat healthy then how about the idea of healthy glowing skin, less HEADACHES, less acne, MORE energy, etc. You get the point. A good diet has tremendous effects not only on your appearance and physical health, but on your mental health as well. You want to feel good about yourself!

4. SPEND TIME OUT IN THE NATURE WITH YOUR KIDS! Not only is it relaxing, but your children will be happy and thankful to you for letting them out into the nature to play. Go on walks, explore the woods, have a picnic surrounded by a beautiful get the drift. Nature is soothing.

5. WRITE AND REFLECT. Write every morning about anything and everything which comes to mind. Feelings, goals, to do lists, etc. Writing is a great stress reliever, you get the chance to put everything out there.

6. PAY GRATITUDE. You may want to write everything you're grateful for in life in your diary or you may just want to sit in solitude and think about all the things you're blessed with in life. Make it a habit for every morning.

7. TREAT YOURSELF. Do something which makes you feel like YOU, you know the girl or woman you were before you became a mother. We tend to forget ourselves taking care of our families. So go ahead and have your spouse, friends, family members, or a babysitter watch the children for an hour while you go to the nail spa.

8. CREATE. Make time to work on something you're passionate about. The kids are napping, write that blog or create your own website for a business which you've always wanted to start. Remember, It's our own limitations created by our own minds and the society which hold us back from doing the things we should be doing. Working on something which you're passionate about is essential to living a fulfilling and satisfying life.

9. BE YOU! Don't change into something you wouldn't enjoy being around yourself. You can always be yourself while being a mother, employee, business owner, wife, partner, etc. You just have to make time for doing the things which makes you so unique and fabulous. You have to know that YOU ARE WORTH IT.

Learning to put myself first and take care of myself before anyone or anything else was a tough lesson to learn, but that one learning changed everything for the good. It brought fulfillment. Strange as it is, even when things are hectic at times with raising my family, they are hectic with a sense of peace. When we are fulfilled from within then everything becomes peaceful.