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Italian Grilled Cheese, Smoked Mozzarella with Prosciutto and Truffle Oil

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Grilled Cheese Recipe

with prosciutto on a bed of rocket is a warm and gooey gourmet delight that takes less than 5 minutes to make but the combination of salty cured meat with thick smoked mozzarella cheese and a drizzle of truffle will transport you to Italy with every bite.
This is 10 times better then buzzfeed grilled cheese.

Watch Grilled Cheese video recipe:

1 x full scamorza cheese (Smoked Mozzarella)
½ glass of white truffle oil (you can substitute this for Evoo if you don't have any)
4-5 slices of prosciutto
100g fresh rocket

1 x medium size non-stick flat saucepan
1 x serving spatula (not plastic)
1 x serving board (preferably wooden)

1. Drizzle a small amount of truffle oil (or Evoo) onto your non-stick pan and heat it on a low-medium temperature.
2. Place the scamorza cheese in the centre of the pan until the oil around it begins to sizzle.
3. Using a spatula, gently lift the cheese and cook it on the other side. Repeat this until both sides begin to slightly brown.

How to serve:
1. Prepare a wooden board for serving and create a layer of rocket on top.
2. Wrap each strip of prosciutto around 2 fingers and gently peel them off, then place them around the board standing up right - they should look like small roses! - leaving room in the centre for your scamorza cheese.

Vincenzo's Plate: Make sure you keep the white fatty part at the top as this is what gives the effect of the rose petals.

3. Once the scamorza is ready, place it on top of the rocket.
4. If you're using truffle oil, drizzle a small amount over the top for an extra kick.
5. Serve immediately while the cheese is still warm and gooey by adding a piece of cheese, a prosciutto rose and a portion of rocket to each plate.

E ora si mangia, Vincenzo's Plate...Enjoy!

Enjoy this unique dish alongside a nice plate of Penne all'Arrabbiata

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