'Italians Mad At Food' Tweets Highlight America's Worst Cooking Offenses

You'll think twice about ever breaking your pasta in half again.

If you love being yelled at, there’s a Twitter account you really need to follow.

It’s called @ItalianComments (Italians mad at food), and it shares Facebook comments from very angry Italians yelling at Americans about all the ways we’ve bastardized Italian cuisine. The account bio reads: “if you don’t care about how we cook stick to your Burgers and Leave our dishes alone,” and the location is cheekily listed as “wherever pasta is oppressed.”

If you hadn’t already had the masochistic pleasure of following this account, Carla Ciccone recently wrote a piece for Bon Appetit called “The ‘Italians Mad at Food’ Twitter Account Is Too Real to My Life.” She explains the depth to which Italians are “exceedingly proud of their culinary traditions.”

The account’s tweets demonstrate that pride with a great vengeance.

There’s just one frustrating mystery behind this account: The tweets never reference anything. They’re clearly referring to a recipe that has sparked anger, but they’re never posted in response to another tweet, photo, video or recipe, forcing you to guess what the offending dish was. But in most cases, it’s not impossible to figure out.

One thing we do know: It’s clear from the frequency at which it’s mentioned that Tasty, BuzzFeed’s brand that cranks out food videos, is the target of a lot of this vitriol.

Other offenders are pretty obvious. For example, one could guess that this tweet is about Pioneer Woman, aka Rhee Drummond:

Others are less obvious, but no less entertaining. Take a look at our favorite angry Italian rants and the lessons we can learn from them.

Breaking pasta in half = bad

Pineapple on pizza = bad

One-pot pasta = bad

Chicken in pasta = very bad

Straying from our (apparently very American) hamburgers = bad

Not using fresh mozzarella = bad

Doing almost anything unconventional with pasta = the worst

Spaghetti And Meatballs