World's Richest Cat? Italian Feline Tommaso Inherits Fortune

It's a veritable rags-to-riches story for Tommaso, one of Rome's many stray cats, who found a home with an heiress.

The Italian feline prowled away with a whopping 10 million euro after his wealthy owner passed away last month.

The Guardian reports that the owner, a 94-year-old woman identified as Maria Assunta, left her fortune and properties -- worth over $13 million -- to Tommaso the cat. According to The Telegraph, Maria Assunta left her "entire estate" to the cat under the care of a trusted nurse (Italian law, perhaps unsurprisingly, does not allow animals to inherit directly).

Despite Tommaso's new fortune, ABC News notes that his riches only put him at number 3 on the list of the world's richest pets. Even so, this feline's fortune puts him leaps ahead of the estimated 180,000 stray cats that reportedly roam the streets of Rome.

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