Volcanic Cloud Surges Toward Fleeing Boat After Stromboli Eruption

Tourists narrowly escaped as the volcano on the Italian island spewed gas, rock and ash.

A volcanic eruption on the Italian island of Stromboli propelled a terrifying and fast-moving plume that chased a boat carrying frightened tourists in a scene caught on video.

The footage posted on Instagram by Elena Schiera shows the steaming blast of rock and ash quickly closing in on the fleeing boat off the coast of Sicily on Wednesday. Both the island and the volcano are known as Stromboli.

Schiera said in her post that she and her friends were “miraculous survivors,” describing the footage as the “panic moments.”

Italian emergency services said the “strong intensity” blast took place just after noon, and prompted widespread fires. No injuries were reported.

Italian news outlet la Repubblica reported eyewitnesses heard a “loud roar” before the eruption, followed by the large fallout of rock, ash and other volcanic material. People on the ground reported Wednesday’s explosion felt stronger than the July eruption that killed a hiker, Italian news agency ANSA reported.

Watch the footage of the moments following the eruption below.

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