Watch Itatí Cantoral 'Cry In Spanish' In This Hilarious 'OITNB' Spoof

[Cackles in Spanish]

One of the most legendary telenovela villains in history is causing trouble in Litchfield. 

Mexican actress Itatí Cantoral recently reprised her infamous role as Soraya Montenegro, from the mega hit '90s soap opera "Maria la del Barrio." The 41-year-old star's villainous character returned to the small screen in a promotional spoof for "Naranja es el Nuevo Negro" "Orange Is The New Black" on Monday.

Think you have no idea who Soraya Montenegro is? Think again: 

If you recognize either of those memes, you'll understand why we were [hyperventilating in Spanish] when we watched the 4-minute spoof posted to the "OITNB" Facebook page.

In the video, above, Cantoral brings Soraya to life once more as a take-no-prisoners prisoner at Litchfield Penitentiary, screaming in Spanish and insulting the likes of Soso, Gloria and Vee. She even has a blast realizing she can curse on the Netflix show.  

The Huffington Post reached out to Netflix about the spoof and, despite rumors that Soraya Montenegro could be a new inmate in Litchfield, the streaming company said her cameo would be limited to the promotional video for Season 4 of the series, which premiered June 17. 

And now, we're crying in Spanish. 



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