5 Items Every New Apartment Needs

"Versatile pieces are the name of the game."

Small-space living isn't always easy... especially when that small space is a brand-new apartment with nothing inside but untapped potential, designer dreams and LOTS of empty space.

Yet that big void doesn't have to demand a big decorating budget, according Abby Larson. The Style Me Pretty founder -- in tandem with famously budget-friendly decor store HomeGoods -- told HuffPost her five must-have items for a starter apartment. Check them out, and check them off your holiday wish list.

A throw pillow (or two)
Matthew Harrington/HomeGoods
"Whether you go for something inexpensive and on-trend to dress up a 'blah' sofa, or splurge on something handmade or sparkly, a little dose of throw pillow action goes a long way," Larson says.
A serving tray
She adds, "They can serve double duty: They hold coffee table books and remotes and serve hors d'oeuvres in a pinch."
An accent chair
"They make any room feel much more chic. And designed," says Larson. "And even maybe a little more loved."
A cake stand
"Use it to boost up a centerpiece, to debut a dessert or to hold candles," adds Larson. "Versatile pieces are the name of the game."
A set of high-quality linens
Jamie Grill via Getty Images
Last but not least, Larson says of nice linens, "They make even the tiniest bed feel incredibly luxurious." But remember, fancy thread count does not automatically equal high-quality sheets.

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