20 Items You're Gonna Need For The Real World

College taught us many things, like how to think critically, engage socially and stay awake for 36 hours on nothing but 5 Hour Energy shots and Kit Kats.

But in order to fully adjust to the real world, you're going to need some supplies. We speak from experience when advising that you invest in...

1. A set of classy drinking glasses
We're not taking handle pulls and passing red cups anymore, people. Your guests might expect something nicer.

2. A pop-up tent
Like the 20-dollar-from-Walmart kind. Because you never know when you're gonna want to get away, or just pretend you're five and have a camp-out in your living room.

3. A miniature food processor
Hummus, coleslaw, cookie dough... the possibilities are endless, and endlessly easy to make.

4. An iron
The wrinkled-chic look is NOT hip anymore.

5. An air mattress
People are gonna want to come visit your new homeland, and it's pleasant to offer a sleeping option that's not the floor. Plus, it makes a great couch until you get around to finding one on Craigslist.

6. A Cards Against Humanity set
Nothing makes new friends faster than a game... especially one with sass.
cards against humanity

7. A cookbook app
Because you are NOT going to know what to do with that radish you impulse-bought at the farmers market.

8. Print-out pictures of your friends and family
Homesickness -- and general nostalgic-for-college sickness -- hits hard. One coping method consists of plastering your bedroom and desk with photos.

9. A Kindle, or at least the iBooks app on your phone
Apparently, during the decade that we've been in school, humankind has continued the tradition of reading. Books. For fun. Once you realize this pastime is still completely still alive, you're gonna want to join in.

10. A killer interview outfit
Because looking the part is being the part.

11. A really sharp knife from a cooking store
Not only for self defense, but because those dirt-cheap "starter kitchen knife sets" you find on Groupon do NOT. CUT. ANYTHING.

12. A backpack that's not a JanSport
Yes, you're still allowed to carry things on your shoulders, because it's easier and prevents spinal injury. But let's take a smaaall step up from stained rucksacks and camp lanyards.

13. A grocery store rewards card
Every penny counts, so start earning rewards for your ramen now!
grocery check out

14. Super lightweight running shoes
People in the real world have jobs, so they're forced to sneak in workouts where they can. It always helps to have a pair of uber-light shoes in your bag, in case you catch a break.
nike running shoes

15. A lunchbox
The ultimate vice of real world-hood? Buying lunch. A supercute lunchbox will motivate you to pack it up, not rack it up.

16. A credit card
If you didn't have one in college, get one now. Good credit will help you get real-world stuff like apartments and cars.

17. An iPhone battery case
Because there are not outlets in the middle of your desk like there were on the campus library tables.
phone battery case

18. A set of miniature makeup brushes
Never have you been away from your bedroom for so many hours at a time, with so many important humans -- touch-ups will be necessary.

19. A really awesome slate of price alerts
To make it through those endless first months of nine-to-five, you'll need something to look forward to. Set up airline fare alerts to come to your email -- companies will let you know when prices drop in your desired destination.

20. A cat
Because after a long day of real world-ness, you're gonna need a cuddle.

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