10 Items You Need To Purge From Your Kitchen Right Now

Those oven mitts are literally filthy.

Cooking in a pristine kitchen can make anyone look like a star on the Food Network, but in reality, this room often turns into one giant junk drawer.

Expired spices, old plastic storage containers and dirty oven mitts are just a few of the things that take up much-needed cabinet and counter space. It's time to clear your kitchen of the below 10 items. Not only will you feel like a huge weight has been lifted after cleaning, but your food might even taste better.

A Dirty Sponge
kittijaroon via Getty Images
This cleaning accessory is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Here's a simple trick to clean and deodorize a sponge.
That Moldy Dish Rack
Jonathan Kitchen via Getty Images
FYI, you should be cleaning the dish rack before or after cleaning your dishes.
Your Scratched Nonstick Pots And Pans
58shadows via Getty Images
Pots and pans with scratched surfaces can be dangerous to cook with. Opt for switching to safer cookware materials like cast iron, stainless steel and ceramic.
The Silverware That's Literally Bent Out Of Shape
Katie McAllaster via Getty Images
This is a mouth injury just waiting to happen.
Any And All Chipped Glassware
Yuji Kotani via Getty Images
Sipping on chipped glass? No thank you!
Burned And Dirty Oven Mitts
Hemera Technologies via Getty Images
What exactly can they do if they aren't fully functional? Absolutely nothing!
Expired Spices And Herbs
Ned Frisk/Fuse via Getty Images
Plastic Containers That Are Either Years Old, Missing Lids Or Stained
Shutterstock / Africa Studio
These things are the definition of clutter.
Cutting Boards That Are Clearly Past Their Prime
hadkhanong_Thailand via Getty Images
Replacing your plastic cutting board will not cost a fortune.
Torn Kitchen Runner Rug
Virginia Macdonald Photographer In via Getty Images
Roll it up and throw it in the trash -- people are likely tripping over it day and night!

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