7 Items From Target To Buy Now If You Hate Bugs

Make sure your future is free of mosquitos, ants, spiders and other critters.

Spiders, fleas, ticks, ants and more are back in full swing. Warm weather means bugs, and what better way to ruin a peaceful afternoon of relaxing in your backyard than by swatting away *starts to count* one million mosquitos per minute?

And if you can’t imagine anything more terrifying than spotting a Daddy Long Legs hanging out in your ceiling corner, scroll down. We’ve compiled top products from Target to keep the critters far, far away.

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A plant-based insect repellant
Whether you're going for a hike or sitting in your backyard, be sure to spray your bod with this Repel insect repellant to avoid becoming an all-you-can-eat mosquito buffet. This DEET-free, plant-based formula uses lemon and eucalyptus for an effective duo that smells delicious, to boot.
A multi-insect spray
Use this Zevo spray as soon as you start to notice ants, fruit flies, roaches (shudders) and other critters in your home. The formula contains essential oils and other powerful ingredients that work to instantly nip bug problems in the bud.
An on-the-go flea and tick repellant for dogs
Do you like taking your pet along on hours-long walks through the woods? How lovely. But be sure to spray your pup with this flea and tick repellant first! It uses cedarwood, rosemary and peppermint to keep critters at bay and can be reapplied every two hours.
A pack of liquid ant baits
Warm weather means ant season! And if your living room has become infested, stock up on these Terro liquid baits. They're pre-filled and ready to use — simply place them where you've been noticing a large concentration of ants.
A Black & Decker outdoor bug zapper
This iconic Black & Decker bug zapper is a necessity if you like to spend time on your porch or in your backyard. It provides half an acre of coverage, the tray is easy to clean, it's built with a waterproof casing, plus it's durable and simple to hang.
A Mighty Mint spider repellant
If you hate spiders and chemical smells in equal measure, this Mighty Mint repellant should be added to your Target cart ASAP. It uses natural peppermint, oil which can be sprayed directly on surfaces or on spiders themselves — the result is effective without the use of obnoxious, headache-inducing scents.
A pack of mosquito-repellant towelettes
While bug spray is effective, it's bulky to carry and inconvenient to pack. These mosquito-repellant wipes from Off! come individually packaged and pre-moistened, meaning you can slip one into your pocket (or several into a carry-on bag) before heading out for a hike.
Sawyer Fisherman's Formula insect repellent

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