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Itinerant Museum Of Art Takes Art Off The Wall And Onto The Body (PHOTOS NSFW)


Many people, some who don't love art and even some who do, cannot stand museums. Boring, stuffy, pretentious, outdated... the institution of the museum has received its fair share of criticism.

At best or at worst, the museum serves as a sanctuary or a tomb, the space goes through great lengths to keep artworks isolated and static, completely removed from everyday life. However, the Itinerant Museum of Art takes a staggeringly different stance on the role of the museum. And that stance is often on the go.

The Itinerant Museum of Art, located in Basel, Switzerland, calls itself a "museum for the 21st century." Renowned works are freed from their frames and painted instead onto human bodies, bodies which then roam the city as they please. Picasso, Miro and Kahlo find new homes on naked flesh, creating living, breathing works of art. The wandering works revolutionize access to these artistic masterpieces, spreading a creative spirit to everyone they pass by.

Aiming to spread art to all corners of the planet, ItiMA adopts the worthy goals of the museum while playing with the route by which to meet them. This mobile museum, whether or not the distinctive model of the future, will surely help create a more colorful world.


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