It'll Be Better When

The best accident I've had in my business is that the women I work with end up being super driven, successful, bright women. Although these women seem to have their lives together on the outside, they're secretly miserable in their bodies.

Through my work, I've discovered the common disease that keeps my driven clients stuck hating their body.

I call it: It'll-be-better-when-it-is.

Symptoms include saying things like...

"When I'm done with graduate school, that's when I'll have time to plan the wedding, I'm just too stressed now."

"When I start my new job, I'll have so much less stress that eating healthy will be a easy."

"My husband and I are going on vacation in a month, that's when I'll be relaxed enough to work on our sex life."

"My credit card debt should be paid off in a year or so; that's when I'll have the money to spend on myself."

To which I say...

"Looking back on your life, did you ever feel like you had enough time?"

"Have you ever felt relaxed enough to eat healthy?"

"Did going on vacation last time fix your sex life?"

"Have you ever dedicated money to taking care of yourself?"

To which they respond guiltily...





Ah-HA! That's what I thought.

If you feel like your circumstances (difficult job, graduate school, small budget, wedding, new baby, over-committed social schedule) are to blame for your feelings of being overwhelmed, then I want to ask you a question: Have you ever had a time in your life that you've felt relaxed? Alive? Truly happy?

If you can't think of a time easily, you probably have It'll-be-better-when-it-is too.

And I'm guessing you also have a hard time making your beauty and body a priority because when you're in survival mode, trying to just "make it" to the next chapter of your life, you don't have the bandwidth to focus on yourself.

Here's the prescription I give my clients who have It'll-be-better-when-itis that I want you to follow this week:

1. Recognize that you're a person who is busy. You say "Yes" a lot. You're a leader. You work hard. You like other people to appreciate that you work hard. You take pride in having a lot on your plate. That's cool. But know that you create your situations that are overwhelming you. And if you created them, you can adjust them.

2. That magical time that you dream about when you'll be super relaxed and have so much time to focus on what you really want to... is never going to come (sorry). Even if you have a week of no plans, you'll most likely say yes to a billion things and you'll be right back where you started.

3. Think about the kind of life you actually want. What are your priorities? If losing weight is your priority, how can you make your schedule reflect that? Make it super clear.

4. THIS ONE IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!!! Understand that success does not require Tasmanian Devil-like behavior. People are not going to think less of you if you appear relaxed and on top of your life. If they do, then you shouldn't be hanging out with them.

5. Start trying to be less busy today. Say "no." Start on that photo project. Quit your volunteer job. Ask for a personal day. Assign tasks to your wedding planner. Don't wait until the weekend to have sex. You may have to make some tough decisions this week, but if you don't do it now your head's going to be spinning forever.

6. Do your hair and makeup tomorrow.

7. Go to the gym.

8. Make breakfast at home.

9. EAT breakfast at home! Without distractions, please.

So, are you in? Tell us how you're going to end your It'll-Be-Better-When-itis in the comments below.

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