<i>Too Big To Fail</i>: The Best Quotes From Andrew Ross Sorkin's Book (PHOTOS)

RT @huffbusiness "My Brother Works At Goldman, And He's An Idiot!" More GREAT Quotes From Sorkin's "Too Big To Fail"

New York Times scribe Andrew Ross Sorkin's much-anticipated book Too Big To Fail may be the closest we'll ever get to being a fly on the wall during last year's financial crisis.

The book, which is due out on October 20, has more than its fair share of memorable quotes. Regardless of your particular level of sympathy for the protagonists, last fall's meltdown was certainly a period of incredibly high stress for Wall Street.

For example, Sorkin reports that during the crisis then Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, who was formerly Goldman Sachs CEO, complained loudly "It's ridiculous that I can't deal with Goldman at a time like this!" Or Morgan Stanley head John Mack screaming "Nobody gives a shit about loyalty!"

For some of the other colorful quotes from Sorkin's book, check out our photos below. (And check out Sorkin's book on Amazon here.)

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