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It's A Feature, Not A Bug

, I have to wonder: Why is it even news that Alberto Gonzales is a liar? Don't you read your own paper?
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The Washington Post has an astounding story this morning. Huh! Did you know people have long questioned Alberto Gonzales' truthfulness?

Well, let's see. I knew he was incompetent back in June 2003; I knew he was violating his oath of office and covering up for the White House back in the fall of 2003; I knew he was still functioning as a political fixer in the spring of 2004 on this issue:

President Bush's top lawyer placed a telephone call to at least one of the Republican members of the Sept. 11 commission when the panel was gathered in Washington on March 24 to hear the testimony of former White House counterterrorism chief Richard A. Clarke, according to people with direct knowledge of the call.

White House counsel Alberto R. Gonzales called commissioner Fred F. Fielding, one of five GOP members of the body, and, according to one observer, also called Republican commission member James R. Thompson. Rep. Henry A. Waxman, the ranking Democrat on the House Government Reform Committee, wrote to Gonzales yesterday asking him to confirm and describe the conversations.

And yes, on this one; also in the spring, we knew he was setting up a legal smokescreen to protect the White House from torture allegations and came up with all sorts of legal rationalizations for war crimes.

He distorted the meaning and intent of the law in the service of his political patron; he covered Bush's tracks on felonious wiretapping programs; he's refused to testify truthfully about all this before he was even confirmed.

Oh, and wasn't it Arlen Specter who insisted Gonzales didn't to be sworn in for his confirmation hearings because we could take him at his word? Just sayin'.

I mean, let's remind everyone: The man covered up war crimes. Most people would simply assume he has a problem with truth.

For these reasons and many, many more I didn't even get to, Washington Post, I have to wonder: Why is it even news that Alberto Gonzales is a liar? Why, many of the stories I just linked to are from your own Very Serious Publication, written by Very Serious People! Don't you read your own paper?

How is it that I - just another dirty hippie with a blog - knew all along that Gonzales, a longtime fixer for this president, was selected as Attorney General for that very quality?

His lying is a feature, not a bug.

Now do you understand?