It’s A Man’s World: The Obstacles I Face Because I Am A Girl

Originally published on Unwritten by Shyanne Kollefrath.

Because I am a girl… People do not take me seriously. If I have any kind of authority, and try to be a leader, people just laugh off whatever I say. If I take control of a situation, I become bossy. If I have a complaint about my period, people shrug it off like I said nothing. If I worry about something, I am told not to stress my pretty little self about it.

Because I am a girl… Saying “no” is unacceptable. I must have a reason for not wanting to do something, and a damn good one at that. Excuses deemed unacceptable will be thrown out and I must do whatever was originally proposed. Just saying “no”, gets you ignored.

Because I am a girl… I have to mind my manners. Cross my T’s and dot my I’s. Make sure that everything is in its place and that everything is running smoothly. I cannot make a scene. I cannot cause a ruckus. I cannot state my opinion. I am expected to keep my mouth shut and look pretty.

Because I am a girl… My body is not my own, and only exists for the pleasure of others. Everything I do, say, and wear makes up whether I am a prude or a slut because there is no in between. If I get raped, it’s no ones fault but my own because why was I wearing that and why would I wear it if I didn’t want to have sex with anyone in general.

Because I am a girl… I must live up to society’s standards. I am not allowed to express myself outside of what society deems acceptable. Makeup must be worn lightly unless I am deemed “ugly” then I need to wear more. Name brand clothes that cover a lot but not too much. My weight must be under 125 pounds. If it isn’t, then I am considered “chunky”.

Because I am a girl… My education means less than my male counterpart. I can be forced to leave a classroom over my collar-bone showing because that is a distraction to males. I am not supposed to study for a STEM career because “why would you waste your time?” and “you are just going to become a mother anyways.” As if my becoming a parent means I am not allowed to have a career.

Because I am a girl… I am afraid to walk to my car at night. I am afraid of walking down the street by myself. I am afraid of becoming another statistic.

Because I am a girl, I live in a world of double standards. I am never taken seriously and am forced into situations regularly that I am not comfortable with. Respect must be given, but not received, and who cares what I say because I’m just over reacting anyways.