It's About The Campaign Economy, Stupid. Or Is It?

Clinton had $38 million on hand at the end of the year and then she raised $13 million. Is it possible that she is going through $10 million a week right now?
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The news was, well, shocking.

Clinton acknowledged Wednesday that she loaned her campaign $5 million late last month as Obama was outraising and outspending her heading into Feb. 5 Super Tuesday contests.

At first blush, your reaction is where the hell did all the money go? I mean, sure, Mark Penn is as greedy a fat bastard as ever walked the earth, which, hand in hand with tragic incompetence makes him my top choice to go on a water and money diet.

That's a lot of doughnuts, Mark. Thats about a million per blown major call, too, but I digress.

Your second thought is wow, this from a woman who said this:

"The next president will be a steward of our economy at a time when the bills from eight years of neglect and mismanagement will be coming due..."

And those bills from a year of neglect and campaign mismanagement are a pain in the ass as well.

Let's review some numbers,

In 2007, Senator Clinton raised $115,000,000 before the first vote was cast.

She also managed to spend $77,000,000 and if you have given her money, or are thinking about giving any candidate money, I would encourage you to take a moment and see where that money goes. Just click here for an expenditure breakdown.

In fairness, her spend seems reasonable compared to Bill Richardson's blowing of $23 million and Chris Dodd, my goodness, $16.5 million for a no-show in Iowa.

In looking at these end of 2007 reports, a completely different thought crept into my mind.

Hillary Clinton had $38 million on hand at the end of the year and then she raised $13 million.

Is it possible that she is going through $10 million a week right now?

$10 million?

Well, let me put it this way.

By law, candidates get the lowest rate on their media buys so even California becomes somewhat more affordable.

If their burn rate is $1.5 million a day, then they deserve to run out of money.

Or, perhaps, this is something else.

The Clinton Campaign will tell you -- when Hillary is attacked or down, their supporters come through. They rally -- they were raising a million dollars a day between Iowa and New Hampshire and things were looking bad.

Others will tell you that they don't want Hillary to buy the White House, and people screamed when she raised all that money last year.

Maybe, just maybe, they are flipping Obama's fundraising success back on them.

Maybe, just maybe, they are stealing the thunder from Baracks's numbers.

It would be a brilliant move -- and one that will raise Hillary a ton of money, fast.

Let's see which it is -- stay tuned for more reports.

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