It's all about Howard

Off in a corner dressing room of an exclusive retailer, a voluptuous mid-twenties baby faced Grad School student is looking at herself in the mirror as she tries on lingerie. Her long dark hair and bangs framing her face just right, her pale skin, long dark lashes and Blue eye's complimenting her Red lipstick as she sighs a breathy breath. She slowly takes off her underwear and stands naked, inspecting herself in the mirror. Quietly sitting on an overstuffed Black ottoman in the dressing room with her is Howard and he to is inspecting her. Howard is Maggie's 42 year old lover, Maggie is his companion and today he wants to treat Maggie to lingerie shopping. "You know" says Maggie as she looks at her backside, "I have to tell you, I was a little apprehensive when Howard and I went for the consultation with the Plastic surgeon. I had never had anything done before or for that matter thought of having anything done, but it was important to me for Howard to have his idea of the perfect woman come to life. So here I am.." her voice trails off as she catches herself, looks up and smiles at Howard. Howard dials the Doctor's office and is told that no, that is exactly what Maggie's backside should look like, to remember that it will take 6 months or longer for her swelling to go away completely. Howard is disappointed that Maggie's results are subpar, this worries Maggie and she tries to lighten the mood by saying, "It's a good thing he met me and I was up for anything because this body has been through alot!" Maggie says emphatically. Finding a way to put herself through Grad School consumed Maggie as she had recently lost her job when she met Howard at Senor Frogs in Cancun. Maggie was there for a bachelorette party and Howard was there entertaining colleagues from overseas. It so happened that they both lived in Houston Texas, struck up a conversation based on that and thus a business relationship began. She needed a job and he needed a muse. Howard's suggestion to "tweek" Maggie's figure to fit his idea of what women should look like, voluptuous, curvy and fit was the beginning of Howard exerting control. And Howard's salary as a CFO of one of the largest Oil Refineries in the world could absolutely pay for whatever "tweek's" Maggie needed to have done. "My personality was what drew him in, but I had a little baby fat he wanted me to get rid of, so off to the Plastic Surgeon we went!"

Maggie describes the Plastic Surgeons office like that of being at an expensive restaurant. The Chef comes out to meet his patron at their table and agrees to make you a dish that's NOT on the menu. All to ensure the patron is happy. And Howard was the patron and the doctor, the chef. Howard swiped the iPad on his lap, Maggie sitting beside him quietly, adding things to the "cart", it was as easy as ordering from AMAZON. Ten thousand dollars for tear drop breast implants, no lift on the 36 triple D's because they had to look as real as possible, and liposuction on her flanks, stomach and inner thighs another $8k. Eight hundred dollar Cool Sculpting sessions and Maggie would need 2 sessions a week for the first year after surgery.

Looking at all the before and after photos of the Doctor's work excited Howard as his ego told him that although a Doctor was going to sculpt Maggie into a piece of art worthy of its own exhibition, the Doctor would merely be working off of Howard's "sketch". Howard was in control of the masterpiece he had commissioned. And his masterpiece would be ready to unwrap from her mummy like bandages after her 3 nurses took round the clock care of her for 8 weeks at the Four Seasons hotel in Los Angeles soon after her release from the hospital. Once home, she would now need Restylane. One thousand dollars a session every 5-6 months on her upper and lower lip. And with a nice pout, one needs a great set of Lumineers, right? Eight hundred a tooth and Maggie needed a set of 12, a proper smile dictates so. With his made to order creation still under construction, Howard pays for Maggie to have a Personal Trainer, $5k for 5 sessions a week and an onsite Nutritionist, providing 5 small healthy meals a day, $7k a week to keep Maggie voluptuously healthy. "I'm an expensive Barbie with a little wiggle in my tush!" Maggie says proudly. "So long as he's happy, I'm happy!" says Maggie with a smile as she places some hair behind her right ear revealing 5 karat diamond earrings. A trinket worthy of adorning a human sculpture that belongs in a gallery.

Howard's happiness costs him not only Maggie's monthly physical maintenance, but her $1750 rent each month, her Grad School fees of $60k a year, a monthly lease payment on her SLK 500 Mercedes as well as a $5k allowance for incidentals. But who can put a price on happiness? And if you haven't guessed by now, all this has nothing to do with sex. This is all about Howard and him being in control of the logistics that encompass Maggie.

I wonder about Howard's wife, does he have one and if so, she couldn't possibly be ok with all this and does she even know? "What about these Daddy, do you like these or these?" Maggie asks as she points to the different sets of lingerie and hands Howard a pair of panties. Howard likes them all but suggests that they buy a few, not all and let a few more weeks go by before they come back and try lingerie again. Today's shopping excursion totals a little under $3k, not bad for an hour or so of working because don't forget, this is Maggie's job. To indulge all of Howard's requests. And yes, Howard has a wife and she doesn't have time to pacify and placate Howard's demands. And no, Howard's wife is not ok with Maggie, but so long a divorce is not eminent, she's not worried. She will though allow someone else to pacify and placate him.

Howard is a powerful man at work, and Maggie is his employee. Her job is to make him happy. Remember, it's all about Howard.