It's All About Parody at the King Mango Strut

Sunday's 34th Annual King Mango Strut didn't disappoint, but then again, it never does. The parade went on at 2 pm sharp and everyone was there - Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and then some - they were all parodied in the parade this year. Above are two Coconut Grove icons, Monty Trainer (left) with Bobby Ingram, at the start of the parade.

The King Mango Strut is a parody parade, the last Sunday of each year is Strut Day in Coconut Grove. It's a great way to end the year and see friends and neighbors who you may not have seen recently. The whole town comes out to either march, or watch! Local and national news and events are parodied each year, many right up until the last week. It's a great way to end each year and the Grove community is flowing with people from all over for the event. Three main streets are closed and the strut goes around the block, sometimes twice.

A lot of new-comers came to this year's event. At the beginning, people were asked to raise their hands if they were there for the first time, and quite a lot were there for the first time. The Orange Bowl Regatta is taking place this week on the Grove's waterfront, so perhaps many of these sailors and their families were part of the spectators.

A large crowd came out to enjoy the fun this year; it was sunny and hot and a perfect day for a parade.
Miami's District 2 Commissioner Ken Russell rode in the parade, he did a bunch of yoyo tricks, which was a parody of his own background - his family is in the yo yo business. His Father, Jack Russell (yes, like the terrier), patented the yoyo!

Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado dropped the banana at the beginning of the parade. That's the yearly custom. 
AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt, a well-known Govite, now living in Lake Worth, came down with a Lake Worth contingent to take part in the Strut, she has not missed a strut in years.
I don't know who these two that were playing the Clintons, but at one point, she took out her phone and set up the camera, I thought she wanted a selfie with me, but she wanted me to take a photo of them, Bill and Hillary. 
The Castros were present, they are a fixture every year, actually Fidel is usually in the Strut, this may be the first year for Raul, who is a dead ringer!
Every year the Governor, Rick Scott shows up. When is his term up already?

For lots more photos, please visit our Facebook page here, there are about 60 more.