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It's All Over For The Boomers? Think Again.

Millions of boomers are feeling at the top of their game -- more alive, more skilled and more resourceful than ever. We've faced challenges and met them. And now we're ready for something new.
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On Monday morning, a call from HuffPost blogger Barbara Hannah Grufferman got me hopping mad. Barbara called to get my reaction to a front page New York Times article, For the Unemployed Over 50, Fears of Never Working Again. It was about how impossible it is to find work once you've passed the half century mark.

I told her I was furious.

All week long I've been telling everyone within earshot that I'm sick and tired of depressing, demoralizing stories about the baby boomers. First we were going to swamp the health care system. Then, set off the so-called pension bomb. Now we're going to be littering the streets as bag ladies.

What rubbish!

The article is a narrow and sensationalized view of what's going on with my generation. Yes, some people over 50 are struggling, and I'll be writing about them in context. But that's not the whole picture, not by a long shot.

I've been tracking something that's just beginning to take shape. Millions of boomers are feeling at the top of their game -- more alive, more skilled and more resourceful than ever. We've faced challenges and met them. And now we're ready for something new.

Loyal readers will know I'm working on a new book about meaningful work after 50, due in January. I wasn't planning on writing about it yet, but this inflammatory New York Times article has forced my hand.

So, I've decided to start sharing stories of people who are what I call "ripe."

And, yes, "RIPE" is the title of my new book. More next Saturday. Stay tuned.

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