It's an Eh-Eh-Eh World When You are the Psychotic in Chief

What is the most worrisome thing on this planet right now? More than the greed and the lust for power and the kind of betting on horse races that passes for journalism these days it is the fact that we have a truly psychotic government and everyone else is in denial. Speaking from purely personal experience, having been totally psychotic and knowing what the effect of my psychosis was on others, I watch with utter awe and fear as the world succumbs to the Bush/Cheney psychotic break and do nothing.

If these two men were trying to run a bingo hall, they would have been ousted so fast, it would have made the numbers caller's head spin. But given the pomp and ridiculous power we give these men with the titles President and Vice-President, we look the other way, take away the discussion of their incompetence and say there are too many other important things to do.

What exactly are those other important things we must do? When will we stop for the two seconds it would take anyone with an ounce of sense to say--not only are these two men so far removed from the reality of the world (and there is a very good definition of psychosis if I ever heard one) but they are threatening to blow up the world and they can (and this is not psychotic behavior?).

I want to make this very clear to everyone who can think about this. What we have in our midst is a madman with a lot of very lethal weapons in his control and a citizenry held as hostages by his authoritarian regime. If Bush can blithely talk about World War III as if he were issuing a challenge to another frat house, then we have to accept what our response would be say, if you were in a movie theatre and a man sitting next to you threw lit matches at the seats. Wouldn't you scream fire and get everyone and yourself out of the theatre?

This is not a joke and this is not a humor piece, this is a serious wake up call to anyone who really values human life and the continuance of life on this planet. If we want to award anyone a Nobel Peace Prize next year (hoping that we will all be here next year), it ought to go to the one who finds a way to stop these two men from destroying us.

We are watching a truly psychotic drama take place and we have to not just find the way to stop it but to make sure that it never happens again. Look at the major front runners in this campaign and you will see that they too, for the most part, would like to have the same access to the crazy-making powers this duo has. Please, someone, save the world from the madmen and women amongst us.