It’s Engagement Season, Ladies! Let’s Get Ready!

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen numerous Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram posts from friends announcing their engagement. The time from Thanksgiving until around the middle of February is known as Engagement Season. Of course, people get engaged all year round but this is the time of year when the majority of engagements happen. What are the first questions people ask when they hear that someone got engaged? “Can I see your ring?” and “How did he do it?!” Here are a few things to consider to ensure that you’re ready when he proposes. I think we’d all agree that it’s better to stay ready than it is to get ready. You follow?

1. Get a Pedicure, Get Your Nails Did. If you’re like me, you’re RARELY caught slipping in the manicure department but if you aren’t, this is the time to keep your manicures up. I get it, this seems superficial but the first thing people ask as soon as they hear that you’re engaged is to see the ring. You’re most likely dying to post the infamous ring shot on all social media platforms and who wants to have chipped nails next to their sparkling diamond? No one.

2. LET Him Surprise You. If you’ve been with your boyfriend for a while and you’ve discussed getting married, there comes a point in time when every fancy dinner and every vacation presents itself as the perfect time to propose. The hopes are high and sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t but you need to remember that the possibility is always there. If he randomly suggests that you two take a walk after dinner, GO ON THE WALK! He may not have taken into account that your feet hurt or that it’s a little chilly but there might be a ring waiting for you at the end. Just go!

Also, we know that guys aren’t always the best when it comes to surprises so if you happen to come across a receipt or an email or see a text (stop snooping) referencing your engagement ring, be like Elsa and let it go. Don’t mention it and don’t hint around until you finally break him into confessing. He’s worked long and hard on this and it’s his moment too.

3. Give Him Fifty Feet. Meaning, don’t discuss wedding plans as soon as he gets off his knee. This has most likely been in the works for months and he’ll need a little bit of time before you dive into planning. A week should suffice *wink *wink.

4. Tips for the Girlfriends. Most of us have gotten the call from our friend’s boyfriends asking for help with the proposal. This is the #1 tip for the girlfriends: don’t let your girl get engaged looking like she just did the walk of shame. You know exactly what I’m talking about! Runny eye-liner, 4 day old messy bun on the top of her head, thinking she’s just running out for coffee with the girls. Make something up! Lie to her. She’ll thank you later. Tell her that you’re going to a company function at a nice restaurant; tell her that you won tickets to a Beyonce concert (every woman dresses for the Queen). Anything. There is nothing worse than seeing proposal pictures where the guy is dressed in a tux and the girl is wearing jeans and a t-shirt and not a lick of makeup. If there are going to be photos, she’ll want to look like something. I can’t stress this enough.

5. A Tip for the Guys: Figure out your full story. If you have to lie, make that lie solid and commit to it. Make sure that anyone who is involved in the proposal is aware of the story. Don’t tell your girlfriend that you’re going to be hanging out with her best friend’s boyfriend and not tell them. If she calls and finds out that you two aren’t together, she’ll be suspicious. My clients once lied to their entire family and friends for 7 whole months about their wedding. It was a surprise and in order for it to work, we ALL had to be clear on what the lie was and we had to stick to it, even down to the bride’s mother. No one even cared that they had been lied to once she walked into the room in her wedding gown. Planning makes perfect.

6. Bonus Tip for the Guys: No matter what you do, you better get down on one knee. I know that the ring is probably burning a hole in your pocket and you’re on the verge of vomiting but don’t make the mistake of not getting on that knee. Don’t have her dodging judgmental eyes every time she tells your proposal story. It doesn’t have to be elaborate and expensive but make sure that you get on your knee before you ask her to marry you. Trust me on this.

People will tell you that none of this matters in the end but they’re lying to you. No one said your proposal has to be elaborate, it just has to be thoughtful. Good luck and happy engagement!

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