Holy $%!& It's Friday!!! Here Are Some Ways To Make It Awesome (Plus A Dancing Kid)

It happened again! The last day before the weekend!

We know you're sups excited. As part of a helpful ongoing series, we've compiled this list of things to prepare you for small talk with attractive strangers at bars, or maybe just a lazy night in with your dog. Here's what you need to know.

Kid Dancing

Drink like a famous person: Queen Elizabeth

Her Majesty is said to favor Dubonnet -- a blend of wine, herbs and spices originally concocted as a cure for malaria. She inherited the habit from the Queen Mother, apparently, who drank a concoction of three parts Dubonnet with seven parts gin on a daily basis. Add a slice of lemon and some ice -- pinkies up, darlings.

Drink like a college student: The Mustache Game

You'll need a stick-on mustache, a television and some drinks. Place the mustache in the middle-ish of the screen. Start watching a show. Whenever the 'stache lines up with someone's face, everybody drinks! Bonus: if you want to pass out, you're already on the couch.

Kid Dancing

Bad pickup line: "I'm not a photographer..."

"But I can picture you and me together." CRINGE. Please remember not to use any of these lines. As we discussed last week, the best way to meet someone new outside of your social circle is to introduce yourself like you don't live in an 80s sitcom.

Something to think about: Even the governor of -- wait for it -- the border state of Texas is starting to realize our nation has ridiculous marijuana laws.

Who says the Lone Star state isn't (kind of) progressive? Gov. Rick Perry (R) remarked Thursday during a drug legalization panel at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland that he stands in favor of softer punishments for those who break marijuana laws, including using his state's drug courts that often provide treatment. He's still "staunchly opposed" to legalization, but went as far as to say he supports "policies that start us toward a decriminalization."

Sobering fact: Any state could change its drinking age, but doing so would forfeit 10 percent of its federal annual highway funds.

Americans were unduly concerned with teenage drinking and driving habits in the early 1980s, spurring a movement to limit access to alcohol for younger drivers. The legal age has been 21 now for 30 years, after Ronald Reagan signed the National Minimum Age Drinking Act in 1984. Prior to that, legal drinking ages fluctuated between 18 and 21, as determined by individual states. There were very few regulations before Prohibition.

Random piece of knowledge: City-dwelling squirrels generally don't live more than a year because one of their main defenses, running back and forth to confuse predators, isn't effective on cars.

But! Squirrels can also run up to 20 miles per hour, and their teeth never stop growing. Forgotten nuts buried by grey squirrels are forever sprouting into new trees, too, which is the main reason we have large hardwood forests.

Cheers! Happy weekend!



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