It's Impossible Not To Forgive This Dude For His Brilliant Apology Present

Boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses, and friends, take note. :p

One dude’s gift for his girlfriend wasn’t quite roses, but it was just as delightful. 

Redditor Caite Grosh, who lives in Arizona, recently shared a photo on the social media site of an apology gift from her boyfriend, Trevor Lagers, following a little tiff.

He may not have gotten her a bouquet of flowers, but he bought her something that was, well, close enough. 

The post went viral as remorseful boos ― and pretty much anyone who’s ever bought flowers ― expressed regret that they hadn’t thought of it. 

Grosh explained to The Huffington Post that the couple’s minor conflict was related to missed time they were supposed to spend together ― and that Lagers wanted to make it up to her. 

But she couldn’t have predicted such a creative surprise. So when two large brown paper bags from Amazon arrived at her workplace, she was understandably confused. 

After opening up the bags, containing seven smaller bags of flour, she said she didn’t quite get the joke. It wasn’t until she called Lagers to confirm he was behind the odd purchase, along with a coworker hinting at the pun, that the hilarity of it all sank in. 

“He not only made my day, but also everyone in the office became a fan,” she said. “[He was] definitely forgiven.”

Though some on Reddit have pointed out that Lagers’ idea is similar to the flour scene in “Stranger Than Fiction,” he told HuffPost he wasn’t thinking about the movie when he plotted his silly scheme. He’d initially wanted to send Grosh actual flowers but the plan fell through. We can’t say this was a bad alternative! 

As for the flour, the couple insists it won’t go to waste. In fact, Grosh has already made two loaves of bread from it! 





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