'It’s Just A Nice Place To Live': Meet The People Of Charleston

West Virginia's capital city is a place where "people need to be."

Charleston, the capital of West Virginia, has no shortage of things for residents to do. With art museums, a planetarium and the Capitol Market, the city is a charming oasis.

It was also the ninth stop on our Listen To America 25-city road trip. HuffPost hunkered down at the Charleston Civic Center to chat with locals, and here’s what they had to say:

“Charleston is still the place where the oldest person in the room eats first.”

― Matthew Sutton, 37, marketer/advertiser

“I’m sixth-generation West Virginian. ... I have affordable housing, I have family, I have community.”

― Crystal Good, 42, poet, advocate, entrepreneur

“There are incredible people in this city. ... In West Virginia, it’s one degree of separation. You speak to one person and, invariably, you’ll make a connection with somebody else.”

― Belle Manjong, 35, bridal boutique owner

“I’m trying to find new opportunities for myself and create new opportunities for people with medical marijuana.”

― Billy King, 29, designer

“I love being here. ... I love raising my family here.”

― Chris Kessell, 42, YWCA racial justice coordinator

“I am so excited there’s light being brought to this great state and this great city.”

― Julie Warden, 31, WV FREE communications director

“It’s a beautiful state, we have beautiful people. It’s just a nice place to live.”

― Beth Westfall, 53, retired

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