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It's Just a Star. And This Is Just a Finger.

Donald Trump has done us a service by pulling the curtain open on these terrible media-driven "symbols."
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Donald Trump has been accused of using anti-Semitic symbolism in a recent tweet about Hillary Clinton. A six-sided star highlighting the phrase "Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!" is seen with a backdrop of cascading money. The media pounced and suggested that Mr. Trump was using the imagery to pander to white supremacists.

Mr. Trump silenced those accusations with an eloquent rebuttal: "It was a star. A star. Like, a star. It's a star! Have you all seen this? It's a star ...To me it was just a star."

Mr. Trump's sophisticated argument has me convinced. The repetition of "star" in his complex analysis of the situation is enough to make me realize that the media is biased and needlessly and recklessly attacking the innocent Mr. Trump.

The more I thought about it, the more I recognized that there are many so-called "symbols" that the media forces me to read as having more significance than they really possess. I started to look at things for what they are in actuality and, let me tell you, it was freeing! Donald Trump has done us a service by pulling the curtain open on these terrible media-driven "symbols."

My first realization occurred when I got in my car to go shopping the other day. As I drove away from my home, I saw a stop sign - or what I used to call a stop sign. In reality, it is just a red octagon. All these years, I have been allowing a red octagon to force me to stop my car when driving! The liberal media has been making me believe that a red octagon means I should put my foot on the brake! Well, no more! I saw that sign for what it really was - a meaningless red octagon - and I blew right through that intersection without the slightest hesitation! I encountered a yellow triangle soon after and ignored that, too! It was incredibly refreshing to be able to do what I wanted without having a liberal media lens. I heard people yelling something after me at each intersection. Shouts of approval and encouragement, I assume.

With nothing to slow me down, I arrived at the mall ten minutes earlier than usual. There were several convenient spots available next to the front door. There was a sign -- a seated figure on top of a wheel - but that is just a picture of someone sitting on a circle. It does not mean a thing! I hopped out the car and ran into the mall, again hearing shouts from people behind me. I was giddy with excitement so I did not hear what they were bellowing, but I am sure they were cries of support for breaking free of liberal media manipulation.

I brought my dog into the mall with me, ignoring the picture of a dog with a slash through it that was displayed at the entrance. I went to Ikea and purchased a table. I lit up a cigarette (ignoring the picture of a cigarette with a slash through it). I was shocked and offended when security asked me to leave. This mall security must be an arm of the rigged liberal system operating in America under Obama's presidency. They kept asking me to put out my cigarette and, when I refused, they escorted me and my dog quite roughly out the door. I can't think of a clearer example of what is wrong with this country than being treated like that! This is political correctness run amok!

I brought my new Ikea table home with me and I admit to having some trouble with the instructions. There are no words, just pictures. But, with my new Trumpthink, I refused to see these pictures as symbols. So it was difficult to figure out how to assemble it. I will have to hire someone to do it for me.

I flipped through my mail and discovered a thoughtful package sent from Mr. Trump's campaign. It appears that my name showed up some sort of special list and I was being rewarded for it with gifts: some lovely pink triangles. The kind letter explained that I should wear them - with pride! - on all of my clothing: underwear, shirts, coats, you name it. The pink triangles do not mean anything. They are just decorative.

At that precise moment, Mr. Trump's image appeared on my television. I smiled and the middle finger of my right hand stuck straight up. It does not mean anything. It is just a finger.

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