It's More Than Running

I want to start by saying hello. This is my FIRST blog! I am excited to give you all a peek into my life both on and of the track. Here we go....

After a really tough training session out at the track on Friday afternoon, some thoughts surfaced. Runners know -- when your body is completely fried from the swift trips around the track you begin to think about the most random things, or at least I do.

  • First Thought-- why do you put your body through this pain? Strangely enough, I love the pain. That "hurt-so-good" feeling gives me great pleasure somehow.

  • Second Thought-- I really want pancakes right now. I do not know who will read this, but you will find out right now that I LOVE PANCAKES!!! That one was random, but I did warn you so live with it.
  • Third Thought-- why do you run? This is where it gets tricky for me. I could say I run for things like: the money, traveling, to stay in shape, for mental balance. All of those options are valid, but there is so much more that I run for. Allow me to elaborate.
  • In 2012, an unfortunate leg fracture at the Olympics left me with a pair of a crutches and an amazing story to tell --> Dedicating a FULL future blog for that story so stay tuned. A story that I had NO idea would change the lifestyles and mentalities of others. Almost four years later, I am still being requested to share my message all over the globe, and I love it. The platform that I have been given is just a blessing. So the next time you see me running, remember... there's more housed in my symmetrical running pattern than the eye can catch.

    With that, I offer you a challenge. I challenge you to ask yourself: WHO am I & WHAT do I want to CREATE for the world around me? WHY do I do what I do? I can assure you that this 'self-assessment' will unlock your potential and take you to new heights in your respective career paths.

    Faith Focus Finish