It's Not Too Late to Stop Supporting Horrible People

Brothers and Sisters of America, there is a problem that only we can solve - no matter what your past has been, you can change the course of the future.

American Christianity, I would like to speak to you in particular, I need you to understand that it is never too late to do the right thing and stop supporting horrible people.

You guys, let’s be reasonable here pedophiles cannot be the better choice. Did you actually believe the words coming out of your mouth when you claimed Roy Moore was chosen by god to lead?

And yes, I do understand that there is one issue in particular that keeps you clinging to the dark side, making excuses for the inhumanity of our nation’s tweeter, I mean leader, and it revolves around the meaning of life.

The thing is, even if the passion of your soul lies on this issue, the issue of abortion - you guys - you’re still choosing the wrong people. You are standing behind the people who are passing measures that will make the rate of abortion climb. Your guys are taking away the means in which women in a tough position can actually have the option of parenting; they are even taking away the access to contraceptives needed to prevent pregnancy in the first place.

Y’all are literally supporting policy that is doing the exact opposite of what you claim you want.

I mean really, you cannot possibly think that it’s a good idea to give the richest of the rich trillions of dollars in tax breaks while cutting funding for children’s health care?

I know you are smart and capable humans and we all know trickledown economics is blatant bull shit.

I know you are scared of the alternative if you leave the dark side but we need to talk about the thing you fear the most – this “liberal agenda.”

Having a pretty major understanding of liberals, I wonder, what are you afraid of?

Is it opening our door to those who have lost everything and are in search of refuge? Is it shifting your tax dollars away from the elite’s golf vacations and towards free healthcare for all? Is it stricter gun laws? Is it the color of Starbucks cups? Is it equality?

I mean judging by your words and actions these are just a few of the horrible things that could happen if you don’t fight the liberals who are trying to ruin America with equality and such.

Y’all, I mean this with the utmost respect but your claim that Jesus is basically a republican makes me wonder if you guys have even looked at the life of the guy you call savior.

But maybe I am looking at the whole Jesus thing wrong. Maybe liberals are truly campaigning against Jesus. Look, I’m wrong about things all the time, maybe I need to try and look at things your way.

I mean I guess the liberals do want to steal tax cuts away from corporate billionaires. Really that’s like stealing money right out of the hands of the one percent. Money they earned with their slave labor ways.

And with the money they steal, the liberals want to do things like double minimum wage so that the employees of the corporate billionaires can actually afford to feed their family. Shady right?

I mean, they are trying to help the poor which I guess your American Jesus is pissed about.

That’s not all; they also want people from every walk of life to have access to healthcare so that we can take care of the sick. Would your Jesus would hate to see your tax dollars go towards the sick? I mean I suppose he knows they are not your responsibility, right?

Liberals are also fighting for inclusion and equality for all, I mean they want to welcome the vulnerable who have lost everything and allow equal rights to all regardless of gender, sexuality, race, religion. I mean, what would become of our country?

You guys, they are fighting to let love win in big ways. That’s the bottom line here and you know what, I am feeling some empathy for your position here, it’s understandable why this would scare you as an American Christian.

I mean it would force you to let go of the fabricated White-Jesus that you have created and maybe even look at the red letters of real Jesus. You know the Palestinian refugee guy who instructed us to care for the sick, the poor, and the vulnerable. The guy who was inclusive to all and only harsh toward the egocentric religious elite who warped the name of god for their own false sense of power and superiority.

Man that’s got to be a hard transition to take those red letters in your holy book literally, it’s a huge shift.

But you guys, I really think that if you look closely, you will see that the alternative to the horrible people you are supporting may in fact be less horrible than supporting sexual predators and such.

And don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you should become a liberal tree-hugger, I am simply saying that maybe you should just loosen you allegiance to people that deep down, you know are horrible.

Though you may feel intimidated, I don’t want you to be too worried.

Even if you campaigned for the pedophile and own every piece a MAGA merchandise out there, it’s not too late to leave to choose to quit enabling really bad people to do really bad things. There is even basically a guide to help you figure it all out. All you have to do is simply glance at those little red letters and follow the ways of the guy you already claimed was your savior.

It’s not too late to join the resistance or just leave the dark side. It’s never too late to let love win.

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