It's Official...I am Running for Governor of California

It's official. Today, I became a candidate for governor because California needs a new direction.

I hope you will
as we set out to build a campaign that does more than win an election.
we can create the kind of campaign that changes California.

If you want to help us get off to a strong start, please contribute here.

In San Francisco, we're showing what can be accomplished when we stop looking back and start looking for solutions.

We are the first, and still the only, city in America implementing universal health care. We're proving what you already knew - it is less expensive to keep people well than it is to treat their sicknesses.

Join us and you can help take the fight for excellent and affordable health care to all of California.

Across California, teachers are facing layoff notices; but we are protecting teachers from layoffs, raising test scores and breaking down the barriers to a college education.

Contribute today
and we'll build the kind of campaign that can force Sacramento to stop arguing about better schools and start creating them.

The unemployment rate in California is soaring. But in San Francisco, the local economy is doing better because we helped attract new industries and new high-wage jobs. We are working together to grow our economy with a local stimulus plan that will put people back to work, starting with environmental initiatives and green-collar job training programs.

In San Francisco, we've done all of this while balancing our budgets - and our bond rating has gone up, thanks to sound fiscal management and a rainy day reserve.

Join us, and we'll create the kind of state government that stops searching for someone to blame and starts finding solutions.

The truth is, we can't keep returning to the same old, tired ideas and expect a different result. If we take a new approach, and recognize that we are all in this together, I believe we can put California on a new path toward a better future.

Join us in a new kind of campaign that gives all of us the tools we need to make change. Join us on Facebook, Twitter or at Make your voice heard and help us make real change.

Some of you already know me. You know I am not afraid to stand up and fight for what's right. From quality health care for everyone to equal rights for all Californians, I will do more than talk about problems - I will work with you to solve them.

We all know California can do better.

Let's work together
to set a new direction for California.