It's Only Temporary (Even the Blessings)

This goes out to the person going through it. The one who's deep in the battle field, fighting for each step as she feels herself breaking apart... breaking open. Death.

This goes out to the person who's creating like a mofo. Busting out her to-do list with ease, things are in the groove... and it feels good. Rebirth.

This goes out to the one who is reaping what she's sewn. Seeing the fruits of her labor blossoming into beautiful opportunities, connections and new possibilities. Receive.

To each of you, I say: It's only temporary.

Whether you feel like you're lost in the trenches, never to see the light of day again... or nose-to-the-grindstone-focused, unfazed by distractions... or celebrating the fruits of your labor, taking a moment to bask in your creation...

I say to you again: It's only temporary.

I often get asked: "What is the key to happiness?"

From what I can tell, it's a healthy mix of exploration, surrender, trust and play... but above all else... it's about allowing each experience to be exactly what it is. Temporary.

Your joy.
Your pain.
Your sorrow.
Your loneliness.
Your struggle.
Your celebration.
Your confusion.
Your anger.
Your passion.

It's only temporary.

I don't say this to encourage a lackluster attitude towards life... quite the opposite.

I say this in hopes that it will give you permission to BE where ever you are right now and FEEL it with your WHOLE BEING.

Whether you are feeling intense pain, intense focus or intense celebration... FEEL it. (Because you're strong enough to be where you are. I guarantee that.)

So many times I see people trying to rush through their trenches, or push through the work, or dim their light of celebration... for what?

Because you're afraid the pain will last forever?
Because you don't think you can handle the work?
Because you fear what will happen once the celebration ends?

What if... instead of constantly worrying about how long something will or won't last... you simply devote yourself to diving into it and learning as much as you can while it's here?

The good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful.

Touch it. Feel it. Live it. Breath it in.

It's called life. LIVE it while you can.

It's only temporary.


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