It's Outrageous That Rove Is Walking Free

Let's say I received a subpoena from the Justice Department today telling me I had to testify about matters it considered vital to national security.

Let's say I told them, "I could give a rat's ass about your subpoena, blow me."

What do you think would happen?

I would be in Guantanamo dining on that "cockmeat sandwich" that Harold and Kumar avoided.

So why is Karl Rove walking around free today? Because the Democrats talk a good game but when it comes to taking action, they fail time and time again.

It's simple. Congress tells you that you have to testify? You testify. It's the law. Period.

It doesn't take an epiphany to know that the Bush administration could care less about the law, the Constitution, morality, or life itself.

Where's the action by Congress to enforce its own subpoena? Where is justice? Where is the Democratic leadership? Send some cops, cuff Rove, march him to the hearing and if he refuses to talk, lock him up till he does.

Matter of fact, send him to Guantanamo. He'll confess to everything from car theft to murdering Jon Benet Ramsey. He looks soft, anyway.

What is most astounding is how incredibly far the Democrats in Congress are behind the curve of where the public is at on this and so many other issues.

Joe Lieberman must go? Steny Hoyer is the Congressman who must go first.

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