It's Putin's Birthday So Here Are 17 Photos Of Him With Cupcakes

Putin's Birthday Doesn't Look Like This, But We Can Dream

Russian President Vladimir Putin turns 63 today. To honor the occasion, we took the liberty of adding cupcakes to our favorite photos of the sometimes grumpy looking ruler. 

No baked goods were harmed in the making of this post. 

We know, it's tempting. 

That might be a little overkill, anyone got a butter knife?

Target acquired. 

We're no horse experts, but we're pretty sure horses shouldn't eat cupcakes. 

China knows how to get things done. 

It's always good to have a fitness goal. 

Cupcakes are in sight. 

That moment when your favorite cupcake slides down the banister. 

Looks like someone tried to touch Vlad's cupcake. 

Not a puck. 

Nice try, kid. 

Just roll with it Obama. 


Always by your side. 

Too much!

Facing the tough decisions. 

Who keeps leaving cupcakes on the podium? 

We know the feeling. 


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