It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Michael Steele

For the thousand of you out there who have spent all day having feelings about who was going to win the chairmanship of the Republican National Committee, your strange devotion has been rewarded. Reince Priebus shall be the new king of Republicans! (He will serve at the pleasure of Crossroads GPS, I guess?)

Incumbent Chairman Michael Steele held on for a few rounds of voting, holding together his fragile coalition of Guam, lesbian-bondage enthusiasts and members who enjoyed the past two years of looking more competent by comparison, but in the end the reality of the situation became apparent. Steele quit the race with gratitude and tossed his support to Maria Cino, instantly dooming her.

For the RNC membership, the change at the top offers a chance at renewal. For Democrats, it's the end of a two-year period where Michael Steele was just about the only thing they could take delight in on a daily basis.

"And now, I exit, stage right," said Steele, who then turned left, presumably to spend more time with Leo Tolstoy.

Ben Craw is here with a video that contains your emotions.



Video produced by HuffPost's Ben Craw

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