It's Tancredo Versus Christie in Primary States

ince the news broke on this blog Nov. 6 that he was forming a "Stop Chris Christie PAC," former congressman Tom Tancredo has been on the interview circuit bashing the New Jersey Governor and filling in a few details about what, specifically, Tancredo hopes to do with his anti-Christie PAC--which Tancredo established in response to Christie's nasty ad campaign against Tancredo this June, arguably derailing a Tancredo victory in Colorado's GOP gubernatorial primary.

Asked by MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell Nov. 12 what his PAC will do, Tancredo said:

Tancredo: "Were going to do whatever we can with whatever money we can garner. We will place ads. I'll open offices if I can in Iowa and New Hampshire. We'll be there when he's there. My whole effort is to make sure the Republicans voting in those primaries know who this guy is because I have a feeling he's going to try present a totally different picture to them."

Listening to Tancredo, you get the feeling he wants his PAC to become anti-Christie central, accumulating whatever is available from whomever is available, to knock Christie out of the presidential race.

"I'll tell you, that once you start something like this [PAC], you learn a lot of stuff about the guy, from people who don't like him. And there are a lot!" Tancredo told KNUS 710-AM host Chuck Bonniwell Nov. 15. "Oh, my goodness! It is amazing. And they all write you, like, 'I can't--.'  You know, 'Don't tell anybody because he'll  come after me! He'll indict me!' I mean, which he has done. That has been his modus operandi."

In most interviews, Tancredo acknowledges his personal beef with Christie, whose Republican Governors' Association funneled money through another organization to attack Tancredo, but Tancredo says the real issue is Christie's blue-blooded, not-so-conservative interior.