I'm a multi-passionate entrepreneur. What that means is I have many passions, struggle with doing just one thing and I enjoy building businesses. I've started 4 businesses[all different] 3 of which are successful and 1 which was a total flop. I can tell you that although there is no perfect way to do "entrepreneurship" now is the BEST time to start your own business. In this post I'll be sharing 3 reasons why.


Nothing is easier than being yourself. I invite you to consider starting your own business because you can be yourself and do extremely well. The people that you see rocking it in business bring their total selves to their business. They have raving fans and are loved for their effortless authenticity. People are willing to pull out their credit cards and buy from them because they like who these influencers are. Nowadays, people can see through the genuine problem solvers & the sleezy salesmen. People want to buy from REAL people.

I remember when I worked in corporate I had constant anxiety. I felt that if I didn't behave or look a certain way people would not want to work with me or like me. I was filtering everything I would say or do. I was working in an environment where I felt totally disconnected from everyone. No one wanted to work with me and I had zero clients. Fast forward to now: I share every vulnerability, failure, success, strength and flaw. I have more clients and working relationships than I've ever had before!


I am not a techy girl. At all. I was not the computer whiz in highschool nor am I someone you'd hire to setup your web page. I know nothing about html or coding and I was able to build my website , create sales funnels, configure email automation, build sales and lead pages and deliver content in every form. I did this all by myself. Trust me when I say if I can do it, you can too!

I looked past the overwhelm and quickly found that it was totally doable to create a business and online following. I developed new unimaginable skills in a short amount of time. This quickly boosted my entrepreneurial confidence. If you are skeptical about starting a business, mastering these small feats quickly changes your beliefs about that.

For whatever I could not do myself I found websites like Fiverr where you can hire professionals for as low as $5 a project. There are also many virtual assistant services where you can assign hours, tasks or projects at a very reasonable rate.

Advertising has also been simplified. Thanks to Facebook ads you can grow your following faster than ever before at an incredibly affordable price. You can also drive more traffic to your site or blog in an organic & free way by using SEO.

If you still feel unsure about how to do any of this then you will feel more at ease after reading the final reason.


Networking with like-minded professionals and influencers in your industry is easier than ever. I highly recommend placing yourself in Facebook groups made up of entrepreneurs or that cater to the industry you serve. Facebook groups is a popular growing resource for entrepreneurs, especially in the online space. Being a part of these groups has so many benefits. You can have any question answered quickly by the participants in the group. You can ask for feedback or suggestions and gain instant insight via their responses. Most times, experts will respond in these groups and are more than willing to share their knowledge.

Consider exposing yourself to the people you know can help you. Follow business coaches by listening to their free podcasts or joining their free webinar trainings. This allows you to gain quality and actionable information that can help you get started in your business. Follow them on the app Periscope where you can watch them live and ask them questions directly. Doing so is a great way to get seen and also screen whom you want to invest in working with. .

Starting your own business is quite the risk. I totally get it. But feel comfort in knowing that now more than ever there is endless access & insight to getting started. It can feel scary, I know, but fear is always going to be present in an entrepreneur's life. The more fear you have the bigger the vision. That's a good thing. If you had an "average joe" dream it wouldn't be scary. So keep dreaming those big scary dreams and remember they are totally doable!

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