It's The People, Not The President

How we show up as individuals, how we treat each other and how we spend our money and time is what matters. Our President is just a meat-puppet. Our government and regulatory environment are corrupt and support non-living corporations rather than the health of people and planet.

Clearly, enough Americans are so fed up with our corrupt and dysfunctional political system that they were willing to elect an arrogant, self-righteous, bigoted misogynist in hopes that he could change it. People, it's not the President that will change the world - it's us!!!

The most powerful vote in our world is our economic vote and the most powerful transformation will come from a shift in the way we chose to live, work, learn, play and consume. Let's commit to loving each other and the planet, to compassion, to peace and to generosity. Let's commit to creating an abundant new economy ("the Regenerative Economy") based upon regenerating the Earth's ecosystems and healing systemic dysfunction.

With enough individuals committing to such a transformation, collectively we will change the world regardless of who is President!